How is the show Street Outlaws: The List?

What is the show Street Outlaws: The List about?

This show is about collecting cars and driving them fast, and this is what you do in the game. If you haven’t watched the show at all, you will be more worried about the random chatter that comes to us as you scroll through the menu and run. 

As a rookie, your goal in Street Outlaws: The List is to prove that you are a street criminal … without running many streets at all. You drive along impromptu trails in parking lots, runways, and the like for the most part. And when you run on the roads, they are supposedly closed because you never encounter traffic jams. However, there are multiple seasons to complete, each split into episodes, and each episode has five events to meet.    

Eventually, you are on the list, and from there, you begin to meet the greats. It goes without saying that towards the end of the game, you’re engaging in more head-to-head endurance races than you can count on, as well as many checkpoint, bullseye and destruction events. You don’t even host entertainment events. Money and experience are awarded for each completed event in Street Outlaws: The List. While in many cases, it all comes down to winning or losing, some events also measure your performance, which means you can try again for the most significant gains and the best experience possible.   

Levelling up unlocks access to new vehicles to complete and cosmetic changes and other goodies. New cars and parts can be opened from time to time by completing tasks. None of the Street Outlaws: The List’s cars or parts are officially licensed in any way. The vehicle you are driving may sound familiar to you, but you can be sure it has a fictitious name. All the money you earn can be spent buying upgrades for your vehicles and saving them.    

And, for better or for worse, any upgrades you purchase apply to all vehicles you unlock. Look on the bright side: at least that means you don’t have to go out of your way to make money to buy parts for another car when you decide to change, does it? However, not all upgrades have to be paid for; a trip to the junkyard is always guaranteed to end with a free spare parts offer, as well as a couple of used spare parts at discounted prices. But new promotions can only be reviewed every couple of days of the game.   

So you have to get an idea.

Street Outlaw: The list follows a tried-and-true pattern of acquiring a vehicle, completing events, upgrading the car, and completing multiple events. And this continues until you prove that you are the best. Why should you always be the best? The second is not the same. Street Outlaws: The List sometimes looks pretty but mostly harmless when it comes to presentation.   

Because the cars are not licensed, you can have some fun with them, but no destruction is offered. Most of the tracks are as dull as a plate of water, and there is a decent screen tear on the Xbox One X. The game’s soundtrack is also very easy to forget, and the sound mix leaves a lot to be desired at times.   

Sometimes the nonsense the show cast is telling you is as loud as their personalities. In other cases, it is barely audible over the music. Street Outlaw: The List’s biggest problem is that it doesn’t handle well.  

Some cars are overly nervous; others drive like tanks. In fact, keeping the vehicle straight can be a chore. You will find that physics is also wrong. In general, there is no sense of action. You don’t feel like driving a car with four wheels attached to the road.   

The game doesn’t even remember camera settings.   

You trigger each event in chase mode, which means you have to press the shoulder button multiple times like crazy if, like me, you prefer a bumper view. Endurance racing is the highlight of Street Outlaws: The List, but inappropriate handling even ruins them. Each drag event has three stages: first, you have to burn out, heat the tires to improve traction, then you make three bumps to push your car towards the starting line, and then there is the main event – an actual endurance race. …    

Bottom Line:

Street Outlaws: The List may not be the worst racing game currently available, but it comes very close. Maybe get it when it’s in the business basket for a bit of fun, but otherwise, be clear. The only Street Outlaws: The List that deserves to be on it is the list of games to be avoided like the plague

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