Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Kill Bill

Do you remember the movie with a lady in skin tight yellow suit, killing her adversaries with a “Katana”? Yes, we are talking about Kill Bill. It has been one of the most iconic movies of Quentin Tarantino. Apart from the action, the movie is also special because it is liked by the millennials as much as people liked it when it was released. Remembering the iconic movie, we have brought a few facts that you might not have known earlier.

KIll Bill
  1. Two parts were supposed to be one- The movie was supposed to be released as a single movie instead of two movies. But later on, Tarantino decided in favor of the latter.
  2. The story was the brainchild of both Thurman and Tarantino– While chipping away at “Pulp Fiction,” Tarantino and Uma Thurman began to strike up the thought for the Bride’s personality. The chief spent time with Thurman while chipping away at the film, and they helped shape the film together. While Tarantino gets the solitary composing credit, he attributed the story to “Q and U.”
  3. Warren Beatty was supposed to be Bill- While the nominal Bill isn’t seen truly in “Vol. 1,” he is a vital part of the story. All things considered, the Bride is driven by her craving to, you know, kill him. Initially, Tarantino was composing the job for Warren Beatty. When he understood that some combative techniques would be important, he chose to project David Carradine into the job, all things being equal.
  4. Tarantino’s love for martial arts- The Bride wears a very much like tracksuit to Bruce Lee in “Round of Death.” Tarantino also utilized the famous Shaw Brothers Studio logo in the initial titles to up the vintage hand-to-hand fighting film risk. Furthermore, unbelievable combative techniques film star Sonny Chiba assumes the part of swordmaker Hattori Hanzo.
  5. Orderly Shooting- Generally, filmmakers shoot the scenes keeping in mind everything, but the order of the scenes takes a back seat. But Tarantino shot the whole movie in the correct sequence.
  6. An unfortunate accident- While recording, Thurman was approached to drive a vehicle for one scene. She needed to utilize a trick driver, yet Tarantino nudged Thurman to deal with the driving herself. Thurman failed to grip the vehicle and collided with a tree, harming her knees and experiencing a blackout. This mishap prompted a deficiency of trust among Thurman and Tarantino and hurt their relationship for quite a long time.
  7. Box office hit-  Considering the audience’s love for the movie after the release of Vol-1, it is not hard to guess it was a box office hit. The movie managed to earn a sum of $180.9 million with a budget of $30 million.
  8. Two actors switched roles- Parks and Gordon Liu were lucky enough to play different roles in the two volumes. Parks played Earl Mcgraw and Esteban Vihaio, and Gordon played the roles of Jhonny Mo and Pai Mei.
  9. Vol-2 earned more than the first- The audience’s love for the movie got deeper with time, and the second part managed to earn more than the first one. It made a collection of $152.2 million.
  10. Tarantino Considered making the third volume- Beginning in 2004, Tarantino began making a third “Kill Bill” film. There was discussion that it would zero in on Vivica A. Fox’s girl looking for vengeance for her mom against the Bride. Then, at that point, he said he would make two anime “Kill Bill” motion pictures. Gracious, he said he would deliver a third “Kill Bill” in 2014 as his 10th film. That didn’t occur, clearly. As of late as 2019, Tarantino said he was viewed as making another “Kill Bill” and afterward said he had altered his perspective in the range of a half year.

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