Conjuring Universe released its Seventh Sequel, Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it

I don’t think one can forget Conjuring the movie scenes if he/she has watched it even once. For the record, I have watched it more than thrice; the direction of the movie and the characters just take my heart away.

In 2013, James Wan’s “THE CONJURING” started a $1 billion horror franchise. This movie is known to be one of the most productive and famous series in cinema history. 

Going through Real-life paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren exaggerated case files. The director has wrapped the whole series in an intriguing package of the 70’s style practical effects and created an atmosphere with a thrilling command.

His Conjuring series ranged from New England to working-class North London. The way all the movies portray it is just mind-blowing. He connects his movie characters to the audience that they start feeling for the characters a little too deep.

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Did you watch the follow-up of Conjuring that came in 2016? Well, if you still have not, let me tell you it had the most relative storyline simplicity, and the scenes and entries of characters will make you jump off your couch.

Conjuring Universe- The seventh sequel

The Conjuring universe has come up with its seventh sequel, and the fans are freaking out. Released on the 4th of June, Friday 2021, ‘Conjuring- The Devil made me do it’ movie, directed by Michael Chaves, starring  Ruairi O’Connor, John Noble, Julian Hilliard, Sarah Catherine Hook, and Vera Farmiga. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have also returned to the sequel as paranormal investigators seen together fighting the demons. This seventh sequel emerged as a package of some genuine scares and intense fun. The movie’s title is more connected and shared with the three Annabelle movies and The Nun than its predecessor movies.

However, The double act of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga is getting diluted with more focus on Warrens. The reason might also be that Wan handed off focusing on controlling to Michael Chaves, who gave his debut, The Curse of La Llorona, and the movie connected to the universe of Conjuring with very minimal differences.

The next more significant concern is about David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, the solo screenwriter working with Wan on Aquaman and The Conjuring 2. Again, there was an absence of the original scriptwriters Carey W and Chad looks the building out the plot from a stable midpoint is felt like a failure.

Conjuring- The Devil made me do it’ movie

But, what takes away the audience’s heart is the strong emotional bond that Lorraine and Ed share while they fight the demons of the movie. Here, there is a sentimental flashback to the beginning where their love and romance began. Its seen that their love was their strength that helped them start a war against a demon while the dark forces were believing and attacked them as they thought the love they have is their weakness

However, the movie came down to a silly excess; because of too many dark supernatural tangents and many elements while the fighting was going on.

The movie turned its intense pages when Lorraine and Ed barged into a morgue at night and found some reanimated creatures surrounding them.


The bottom line is that this new seventh sequel released in 2021, Conjuring “The Devil made me do it,” is made very smoothly. The DOP Michael Burgess played with the camera so well that the angles he took were themselves a story. The direction, the acting of the characters, and the smooth camera transitions just make this movie a package that can make its audience pause their heartbeats.

Watch the movie yourself and experience some intense comedy and crazy horror. Remember to tuck yourself in a blanket before you start with the film. The scare might make you feel cold. Let’s get some horror in the house.

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