What is Red’s Relationship with Liz in The Blacklist Season 8? Fans didn’t like the Answer

What is Red’s Relationship with Liz in The Blacklist Season 8-The Netflix show The Blacklist is a show that is capable of getting the best of us confused. It has got so many riddles and secrets that even probably the people binging it might feel lost. Let alone the people who have watched the show in real time.

The Blacklist keeps the level of curiosity of its viewers at its peak, without giving a moment for them to relax. In a similar event the curiosity of fans was left unfulfilled without giving them the answers to all the necessary. Which was not liked by fans.

Fans of “The Blacklist” were hoping for concrete answers about Red’s connection to Liz in the Season 8 finale, and they aren’t happy that they didn’t get them.

Red’s relationship with Liz has long been assumed to be parental in nature, with early theories that he was her father circulating online as early as Season 1. With the eventual revelation that Red is not Liz’s original father and the subsequent revelation of further information about Liz’s birth mother, Katarina, in later episodes, a new notion quickly arose.

Red's Relationship

Within the “Blacklist” fanbase, the theory (or, at least, a highly simplified version of it) goes something like this: Katarina abandoned Liz as a youngster, erasing her early childhood memories and sheltering her with a confidante to keep her safe from her adversaries. She then took over the role of her late partner, the actual Raymond Reddington, on the show, and was played by James Spader.

This version of events was prominently hinted at in Season 8’s final two episodes, but the show didn’t reveal everything just yet. When Liz is killed abruptly at the end of the episode (an outcome predicted by Megan Boone’s choice to depart the show as a series regular), Red’s promise to provide answers in the form of a letter from Katarina is broken.
It’s unclear whether the contents of the letter will be revealed next season, but at least some fans have stated that they will not be tuning in to find out.

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