Best New Shows for Your Watchlist

If you are craving to watch some new shows, your watch list is going to be covered. It’s the fall time, and this is when all the big broadcasters come up with their new shows. 

All the broadcasters like CBS. NBC, ABC, and Fox are all set to come up with their latest shows. Somehow even in the pandemic, these broadcasters have managed to create new shows and are going to release them in the next few months. Here we have a list of shows that might be on your watchlist in the future.

1. Show- NCIS: Hawai”i”                                 

    Network- CBS

    Total Viewers- 6.582 million

2. Show- FBI: International

    Network- CBS

    Total Viewers- 6.427 million

3. Show- La Brea

    Network- NBC

    Total Viewers- 4.779 million

4. Show- CIS: Vegas 

    Network- CBS

    Total Viewers- 4.123 million

5. Show- Ordinary Joe

    Network- NBC

    Total Viewers- 3.852 million

6. Show- The Wonder Years

    Network- ABC

    Total Viewers- 3.230 million

7. Show- Alter Ego

    Network- Fox

    Total Viewers- 2.933 million

8. Show- Our Kind of People

    Network- Fox

    Total Viewers- 1.646 million

9. Show- The Big Leap

    Network- Fox

    Total Viewers- 1.474 million

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