Are you curious about the new Spider-Man movie? Well, we have something for you

It will be out in a few months, and there is no trailer for Spider-Man. Kevin Feige has confirmed that there’s a chance they won’t be releasing a trailer as part of a new marketing technique. This is giving way to more and more fan theories, and we can assume that we will be relying on them when the film hits theaters on December 16. We don’t know what to expect, but there are a lot of fan theories.  

Let’s look at possible reasons why we’re worried about Spider-Man this way. There is no confirmation as to which characters will appear in the film, but we know that there will be more than just the eponymous Spiderman character. These characters will play a significant role in the MCU movies.   

Real Spider-Man

We know that there is a high probability and possibility that the Multiverse and multiple Spiderman interpretations will appear in the films over time. That could mean Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman characters get the chance to play cameo roles or leadership roles in the movie. It could also mean that existing concerns about going too far with too many characters lead to the idea that there could be more spidermen.    

No Clues About the Plot

Given the many fan theories surrounding the film, the expectations for the film are enormous. There is no confirmation of the film’s marketing policy, but we can say that it is challenging to release a trailer for the film. The plot is supposed to revolve around multiverse theory, and many rumors have been built on it. This is not helpful for the movie because Wandavision has similar expectations that have not been fulfilled.   

Last Spider-Man Movie

There is no confirmation of a fourth Spider-Man movie, at least in the MCU. We’ve seen the first two, but what we have to worry about with this film is how many characters will have solo movies. This could be Tom Holland’s last appearance as the title character. Show Source Texts

Spider-Man is expected to take on a leading role in the MCU following Tony Stark’s death. This is because Peter Parker has grown up and is responsible for taking inspiration from Iron Man. There is, however, no confirmation as to who the antagonist of the film will be.    

The Villain

Spiderman villains are an essential part of the movie, and they devote much of the story to them. If it is the case that this leads to more villains and too much development, the film could end up being an absolute mess. The two of the characters who played the villains have returned to play the same character as before. The return of many of the characters who appeared as these two villains could influence the film’s plot.   

Meanwhile, Matt Murdock is all ready to play a significant role in the film Daredevil. There is also a chance that Doctor Strange will serve as a new mentor to Peter Parker, given that he understands the Multiverse. The Spiderman movie is heavily dependent on other characters from the MCU and inspired versions of it. Sometimes they are the main characters of the MCU; sometimes, they play essential supporting characters of the franchise, like Nick Fury. Understandably, Peter Parker is young enough to learn a lot, but the film needs to show its growth without relying on so many minor characters. 

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