A fan of the T.V. series Gossip Girl? Well, these shows will take your heart away

Remember Gossip Girl? There was no show before or after that will ever compare to it. The show came 14 years ago and ended in 2012, and even though we can still stream it on HBO Max, any severe fan knows there’s only so much they can watch before the magic starts to wear thin.

The headline “HBO Max Gossip Girl reboot is here to fill the void left by the original series” contains a very compelling message. If you love watching such shows, we have picked the top best for you that will cheer you up immediately.

Gossip Girl, a popular US TV show, is based on a teenage book series. This new C.W. series is different from its source material and much more fun to watch.

Riverdale is an American T.V. drama


Riverdale is an American T.V. drama about the lives, romances, and theatres of four counterparts of Archie comics’ characters. Given their unrealistically attractive attributes and luxurious clothes from wealthy parents, they’re bound to create a lot of drama from moment to moment.

New York Prep offered an inside look at the life of Manhattan's elite, featuring young Ivy League hopeful students

NYC Prep

Though not a long-lasting series, New York Prep offered an inside look at the life of Manhattan’s elite, featuring young Ivy League hopeful students. The story revolves around some teens who have to do charity, dinner parties, hanging out in house parties, shopping together, and more. Prep school replaces Gossip Girl for these characters, and they still get to have their drama too.

Privileged - One of Edward Albee's bests follows an Ivy League graduate


One of Edward Albee’s bests follows an Ivy League graduate (JoAnna Garcia) as she teaches two spoiled rich girls (played by Lucy Hale and Ashley Newbrough). Unlike Gossip Girl, this C.W. series is based on the 2007 Y.A. novel and takes place in Palm Beach instead of Manhattan.

This C.W. series is based on the 2007 Y.A. novel and takes place in Palm Beach instead of Manhattan

The O.C.

I miss watching “The O.C.” before I got too old for it. It wasn’t just about the in-crowd of Newport Beach, CA, either: Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts were a great love story and one of the original dynamic duos on T.V.! Seth Cohen is also like a more forgiving version of Dan Humphrey, and unlike Blair and Dan, we’re happy for the real-life relationship between Adam Brody and Leighton Meester, who married in 2014.

The O.C.


This story revolves around Hope Mikaelson, a 17-year-old who has taken admission in Salvatore School For the Young and Gifted. She is a union between a witch, Freya Mikaelson, and a werewolf, Klaus Mikaelson. She is also the only known living member of this alliance. Here young witches, vampires, and werewolves learn ways to control their criminal impulses. Despite its lack of witches, Salvatore is a great book for anyone who wants to know more about Constance Billard’s enviable.



The Netflix crime drama series “3%”, set in the distant future, follows a group of young people as they undertake a dark, twisting game to get into the world’s most exclusive school. As they go through their obstacle course and face difficult decisions, so does society–politics and crime erupting then turning fatal. It’s like the feud between Rachel Berry and Mercedes Jones on Glee had a baby with the love-hate relationship of Tony Soprano and Dr. Melfi, but took it even further.

Elite - The Netflix crime drama series


This revamped T.V. show is based on a 1980’s soap opera and centres around the Carringtons&the Colbys, two families in Atlanta that are rivals. There’s also tension between his daughter, Fallon Carrington, and his 8-year marriage to Cristal Flores. If you love the high-stakes lives of Gossip Girl, you’ll love this T.V. show too.

Dynasty - This revamped T.V. show is based on a 1980's soap opera

Pretty Little Liars

You’re probably more familiar with “Pretty Little Liars,” a tv show where the main characters have an anonymous gossip blogger following them who wants to expose all their secrets and exploit their lives. If you want more crazy schemes and surprising revelations you won’t find in other shows, give PLL a try. It’s just as addictive as Gossip Girl, if not more so because of its glamorous cast.

Pretty Little Liars

Blood and Water This new series, released by Netflix original, showcases a story of a 16 year old South African, Puleng, who is seen searching for her kidnapped sister Elsa. After following a lead, Puleng transfers to an elite college to investigate whether or not the school’s swimming star is her sister. CPUT may not be as wealthy as Parkhurst College, but they still have a prestigious academic ranking, and the classes are comparable to that of Constance Billard.

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