Marketer should keep an eye for these social media trends

A wide variety of brands have shifted from traditional advertising methods to more modern methods of advertising. This is turn, has changed how the content is produced and disseminated.

Social media have become an essential part of any brand’s advertisement campaign with an already massive and easily accessible audience. It is attracting brands more than ever towards itself. But the audience has not stopped growing. Instead, the numbers are increasing every day.

This has influenced the brand’s decision and leads them to make decisions that go with the trend on those platforms. It is imperative that brands keep an eye on the trends and plan their campaigns accordingly.

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We have a list of trends that marketers need to keep an eye on to stay in the competition.

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Quality over quantity

The brands now spent more time brainstorming over the content they produce. Instead, just bombarding tons of stuff because they understand that people like to interact more with the relatable content than just be drowned in a swarm of content with compromised quality.

We can understand it better by relating it to the food we eat. What you will prefer- eating one burger offering the best of every ingredient resulting in an overall delicious burger. Or 5 burgers in which the quality has been compromised?

Similarly, a brand gives in all to produce content that seems like good quality content, production and overall perfect presentation. Because they understand that good content will attract consumers, it will keep them waiting for more with excitement. However, a huge number will not grand enough attention. 

Decreasing production value

With Covid-19, all the businesses were forced to work remotely. During the hard times, brands still gave it their best, producing good content with maximum resources available at home. This realised them even without a lot of investment in production, good quality content can be generated to attract consumers.

We can analyse the example of Airbnb, which produced its super host without a lot of investment, giving it a touch of reality for the consumers to relate with

Changing tone of conversational marketing

Brands now want to use a more human tone for interacting with their customers. They want to show that they are there for consumers whenever they need to address and solve their problems.

This approach has become more common with social media platforms. As they give a chance for direct interaction with consumers through various messaging methods.

To better understanding, the example of Apple is best given, which response to its consumer’s problems with an answer to their question on their website. Providing them a human interaction helps the brand build trust and gain the loyalty of the consumer.

Serving With short span content

With time people have started spending more and more time on social media, especially when everyone is at home. This has resulted in decreased attention span of the consumer. This can be better understood by looking at the growth of the platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels. They serve very short duration content and displaying the message with efficiency with boring the consumer.

More brands are not understanding the need of the hour and leaning towards creating concise content. They can provide maximum information quickly, keeping the consumer engaged.

Growth in video content 

We have seen how social media platforms have changed with time. Earlier, the platforms used for only photos, but with changing time, all of them have shifted more towards video content. In 2020, Hubspot’s Not Another state of marketing report found out that video content is comparatively more engaging than any other type of content.

All the brands need to focus on producing good video content to reach and business on the social media platforms.

Authentic Marketing 

All the brands now want to gain the trust of the audience, especially after the pandemic started. Consumers needed much more than just good deals to relate to a brand. They wanted to see a more human side.

Many brands try to achieve this by starting marketing campaigns on social media and encouraging their audience to disseminate more and more of their content and social media handle. Still, in this race, they lose the authenticity of the consumer experience.

There have been many examples where consumers have shared their real experience with the brand. That single experience on social media can help to gain a thousand customers or lose a thousand of them because of their authenticity. Unlike the promotional content by influencers.

Social Media- “Sales market.”

Most social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have turned into a marketplace, getting instant reviews from customers. 

All the brands got an opportunity to advertise their products. Therefore, instantly convert their social media audience into consumers, with more and more shippable posts.

Going live

More and more brands have started going live with their social media, inviting a guest and interacting with the consumers directly.

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