What do we know about Nioh 2 Weapons?

 Of course, you want to choose a weapon that suits your individual playstyle in Nioh 2, but you also need to make sure you get the most effective gun, so you don’t put yourself at a disadvantage. In the rotten hollow of an ancient tree, you will find many swords, axes, and everything in between that deals damage when stuck in the ground. We’ll show you all of Nioh 2’s starting weapons so you can make the right choices before embarking on your grand adventure.   

What’s the best weapon in Nioh 2? 

It honestly depends on your style and what you want to do. Nioh 2 lets you try out the entire kit before locking it out. As you pick up each weapon, you will notice that it gives certain advantages to your abilities and makes you feel different from each other. Pay attention to the skills you develop so you can get the most out of your character building.    

Next to each weapon, we will list rewards that exceed affinity. It is worth noting that no matter which weapon you choose at the beginning, you can use any weapon you want in the main game. The gun you choose will increase the corresponding skill level of the selected weapon, but you can really use anything. However, it is worth paying attention to some weapons because Nioh 2 has every type of skill tree and affinity system.    

It is excellent for attacking enemies and cutting from above, which deals massive damage; even if it is not the fastest weapon in the game, it is deadly. The spear is excellent for hitting enemies from afar and keeping a distance from youkai. It does take a lot of stamina, of course, but it includes some fluid tricks that will make combat feel like a dance no matter your position. The ax is excellent at dealing with many enemies at once in the middle class with its sweeping swinging motion and can be devastating at close range thanks to its overhead load attack in the top job.  

These movable wooden braces provide excellent hold and quickly destroy enemy stamina while creating a smooth combo. The increased charged attack allows the main character to use them in pairs and attack the enemy, dealing massive damage. Great for high-strength physiques.    

Hatchets can be fast and deadly when combined together in a combo. They can also be thrown to any position by holding the triangle to attack enemies from a distance. Another weapon that benefits from high Ki recovery and an agile character. The Kusarigama is by far the most distinctive weapon in the game.   

Tied together, the club and scythe are great for crowd control when dealing with large groups of enemies. You can hold the triangle in the top position to perform “Come here!” in Scorpio style.  

The Blade is practically a Bloodborne stunt weapon that changes depending on the location you choose. It is a fast and deadly one-handed blade with a large attack area in the down position. The middle stance transforms into a sword and spear combo that is better for dealing with enemies at a distance, like a reaper’s scythe that appears when you get into a high stance, which, if you can perform a combo with an attack, is devastating at any interval. The most versatile weapon in the game.    

Twin swords are very similar to axes, except maybe a little worse as they cannot be used. They appear slightly stunted in use but are surprisingly agile and acrobatic in low to mid positions. Useful if you want to cut and dice, but better options are.  

Odachi is a giant katana that deals devastating damage at any distance, offset by a slow attack animation. A low stance charged attack is a special treat as it engulfs the enemy’s legs in a large circle.

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