What do the Choice Specs do in Pokemon Unite?

How to get Choice specs sword in Pokemon and how to use it?

Choice Specs are an item introduced in Generation IV. 

Holder Attack 50%. However, the owner can only use one move.    

Because of this effect, Choice Specs are associated with Choice Band and Choice Scarf. To get a specific choice, the player must talk to the bespectacled boy in the Celestic Town shop from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.    

You can replace the selected move in battle by switching to another Pokémon. Choice Specs also appears in the fifth and sixth generation, having the same attributes as his role in the fourth generation.    

To get the Generation 5 pick stats, players must buy them for 48 BP from the Cog Station in the Battle Metro located in Nimbasa City. They are also sold for 24 BP at PWT, just south of the city of Driftvale. In Gen 6, it’s sold for 48 BP at Battle Maison at X and Y Killoud and at Battle Resort at Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.    

When a Pokémon is equipped with Choice Specs, it can perform 1.5 times as many special moves. However, it only allows one action, so use it wisely. The selection specification only allows one movement, but there is a way to change it.  

You can bring your Pokémon back, deactivate it again, and choose a different move. You can do this when an action has no effect, or the opponent uses a Haunt, making it impossible for the Pokémon to use the same action twice. Dynamax Raichu.png You can disable the Choice Specs effect with Dynamaxing.   

Hidden in Pokemon Sword and Shield are many valuable items, including the legendary Choice Specs. Choice Specs is an item that significantly increases a Pokémon’s special attack but only allows them to use one move during combat. So, if you have an instant knockout Pokémon, this item is definitely worth picking up. If you want to get a couple of Choice Specs, you need to go far in the game first.    

After defeating the seventh Gym Leader, you can return to the Gym Challenge and ride your bike on the road to Spikemouth. You will be able to walk to the back of the Gym Leader stage, where you will see a Poke Ball item.   

Selection specifications will be available to you at your leisure. The latest Pokemon Unite update included the addition of some new held items. The new items stored in Pokemon Unite will be handy, including selected stats. Choice Specs appear in the game from the main Pokemon game series like other saved items. Of course, pick stats to work a little differently in Pokemon Unite than they do in Pokemon Sword and Shield.    

Provides a significant boost to a Special Attack. Once players purchase this new Pokemon Unite item, they will use it immediately. It focuses on Pokémon’s special attack. This means characters like Pikachu and Gengar are perfect for this.    

Increases the damage of your moves by at least (40/50/60) on hit. The higher the Pokemon’s SP.    

A specific selected item is a held item that can be updated. Items can be upgraded with Item Boosters, purchased or obtained as challenge rewards.   

Players should make sure to buy them when they have collected enough Aeos Tickets or Aeos Coins. Special Attacks are hazardous in Pokemon Unite, and if the player is the main one, this item will be a big help. Selected parts can be purchased from Pokemon Unite. 

However, players don’t have to spend real money to get it. Instead, they must spend free in-game currency called Aeos Coins or Aeos Tickets

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