Secret of Snowy Peak- “Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

Secret of Snowy Peak- Even though Breath of the Wild lacks the traditional prisons that made many gamers fall in love with the Legend of Zelda series. It does have 120 Shrines to complete and 42 related Shrine Quests that lock specific Shrines behind story events or different riddles. One of these side missions is The Secret of Snowy Peaks, which unlocks the Suma Sahma Shrine when completed. This journey is straightforward in execution, but it may put the player’s understanding to the test in some ways. However, the truth is that The Secret of Snowy Peaks is a simple journey to miss if players aren’t thoroughly investigating everywhere they can go. The actual journey necessitates a little attention to Link’s environmental elements that not all players will have.

Where To Begin the Quest

To begin this mission, Link should pay attention to the neglected Mountain Peak Log Cabin, which can be found between Daval Peak and Mount Granajh. The quickest way to arrive is to venture out to the Lake Tower quickly, or if players have seen it, the Ishto Sho Shrine, and head southwest towards the most elevated pinnacle of the mountain, between the Ishto Sho Shrine and the South Lomei Labyrinth. From here, there should be a worn-out work with a pit fire at its heart and a book exposed on a stage. Reading this book will take you through the story of an analyst attempting to solve the area’s mystery, believing that they can lead to the Shrine, assuming they sort out its riddle.

Despite the journal’s dubious nature, the central message is that the Shrine expects Link to “cast a virus shadow” on the Shrine platform to raise the Shrine from the start. This sign is also somewhat ambiguous, but there are hints all over the lodge about how Link must activate the Shrine. The general idea is to remain in front of the platform while holding a sufficiently giant snowball, trusting that the sun will appear behind Link, and positioning the snowball to align with the centre of the podium.

Finding The Right Location

Regardless of whether players understand what they’re doing, observing the actual platform is somewhat interesting, especially if they came from the east side of the lodge. Because there are a few large stone arrangements at the mountain’s peak, and numerous comparable Shrine puzzles are found at the height of a hill, many players may fire looking for the platform up there. While a few foes and Korok are hiding in the tallest arrangement, there is no Shrine along this path. The platform is unusually hidden and located directly behind the unwanted lodge, facing southeast and set into the side of the bluff. When Link has found the podium, he should grab one of the small snowballs that litter the area and hope that the sun will cast a perfectly placed shadow. Unfortunately, this will require simply waiting and sitting tight for the ideal opportunity. Even though there is an open fire in the lodge where Link can stand by, it is impossible to delay until a specific time. The most effective method is to wait until early afternoon, get the snowball, get into position, and do something else for a few moments until the shadow is in the proper place. Before this, however, players should do something else.

Potential Threats

This area of Hyrule is crawling with beasts. Everything from Lizalfos and Stalfos to Chuchu and Lynels is stowing away. Lizalfos and Stalfos are especially vexing because they can jump at Link and annihilate the snowballs quickly without the player realizing they were there. Players can avoid this by wearing either the Lizalfos Mask or Majora’s Mask if they have found it, but the simplest way to avoid losing valuable snowballs is to defeat all of the foes nearby.

There is one Lizalos hiding just before the platform, but one can also attack Link from behind if players aren’t paying attention. If players came from the pinnacle of the mountain behind the lodge, they might be attacked by Lizalfos, who stows away on the hill. When there is little chance of being attacked by enemies, Link can stand calmly with a snowball over his head until the shadow arrives at the correct position depending on where the player decides to stand.

Secret of Snowy Peak- "Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

Suma Sahma Shrine

If the player is successful, they should stay in the situation for a long time while the platform sparkles for the Suma Sahma Shrine to ascend from the beginning on the opposite side of the lodge. Assuming the Shrine platform isn’t shining even though the snowball’s shadow appears to be perfectly positioned, the snowball may be too small to project the shadow accurately and should be increased in size.

This is difficult to manage without inadvertently moving it down the slope, but it may be made simpler by pushing it toward the lodge rather than away from it, but players should be cautious if the open fire is still lit. The side mission will be completed when the Shrine appears, and players can enter the Shrine, take the Gerudo Scimitar inside the chest, and accept their Spirit Orb prize from the Sheikah monk.

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