Are you Looking for a Ps4 with a good grip?

PS4 with a good grip

An original design that provides exceptional grip, comfort, and minimal hand fatigue. PS4 Controller Cover with Fosmons Grip The Fosmons PS4 Dualshock Grip Cover is a great way to personalize your controller.    

The best sellers:

In unexpected slips and falls to the floor or overuse, our Lizard Skins controller grips are a great way to protect your controller from damage. Our grips also make the perfect gift for any gamer. Our Lizard Skins controller grips let you play comfortably for long periods, thanks to their sweat-resistant material.   

Thumb grips provide extra grip for more control while playing. While the standard joysticks on the latest game controllers are serviceable, many professional gamers opt for removable thumb grips for greater precision and durability. There are a few things to consider when buying speciality club grips. We’ve highlighted the best options here, from grips designed to give you an edge in FPS games to entire collections of clasps that can be used to match your style or protect your PlayStation 4 controller from wear and tear.   

After years of continuous use, controller knobs of all kinds can start to look a little worn. Not sure if this is related as I haven’t held the controller any other way lately. Overall, their rubber grip extensions are a product that I’m sure will help some gamers, but it ended up hurting the way I grab the controller and play with it.    

Their rubber grip extensions are universal and fit most standard PlayStation and Xbox controllers from the past two generations and Nintendo Pro series controllers for Wii U and Switch. Grips for Playstation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X Controllers | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Pro. KontrolFreek(r) Grips(TM) are advanced controller grips that use a combination of advanced materials for gamers, Provide grip and better support. and are comfortable.   

Thanks to advanced technology, the SMART GRIP coating guarantees optimal grip during the game without slipping in critical situations. Even in the most intense gaming sessions, it ensures a perfect grip without slipping. The features of the SMART GRIP case protect the controller from dirt and moisture residue from the hands. Our proven Dragon grips for military and law enforcement help glue any game fan to the controller without using glue or wax for dirty grips.  

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