Learn How to Evolve Dreepy Pokemon?

What is Dreepy Pokemon?

Dreepy is one of the most popular and famous Pokémon in the new sword and shield game. Hence, it will eventually evolve into a robust and competitive Dragapult. 

This ghost/dragon series is a new pseudo-legendary category of Pokémon, which is powerful enough to compare to absolute legends.   

How to Evolve Dreepy?

The entire Dreepy family is evolving to a reasonably high level, approaching to take first place from their pseudo-legendary peers in the fifth generation in the Deino family, but not entirely. 

To earn Dragapult, you will need to level Dreepy up to 50, where he will transform into Drakloak. After that, he will turn into Dragapult at level 60.    

There are plenty of easy ways to level up your Pokémon in Gen 8 games. Some of the best are EXP candies from Max Raid Battles and playing with them while camping. 

While they do not rank first at the highest level of evolution (Zweilous retains it by evolving into Hydreigon at level 64), the Dreepy family still has an impressive track record for the level of development. With only ten levels between development in Drakloak and then Dragapult. The Dreepy family has the lowest relative levels of activity between the primary and final stages.    

In most cases, you will feel like your Dragapult was only Drakloak for a short minute since the evolutions of Dreepy> Drakloak and Drakloak> Dragapult are very close to each other. 

You must first catch it if you want to turn Dreepy into Dragapult. This is not the easiest trick, so you need to work.   

Travel to Desert Fury Lake.

If the weather is foggy or cloudy, there is a 1% chance of finding Dreepy in the grass. When it comes to thunderstorms, the probability increases to 2%. A more accessible alternative is to find Drakloac as a spawning ground worldwide in these weather conditions and others.   

Dragapult and Drakloak have little Dreepies in their designs that look like they’re about to be hit by a cannon. However, some may not know that Dreepy really loves to be dumped and can’t wait to do so, so he’s presumably human. The Dragapult’s Shield Pokedex entry says that Dreepy is looking forward to using it at “Mach speed.” Hey, if they’re happy, who’s against it?   

When it comes to pairing fonts, Dragon and Ghost definitely have an odd quirk. Associated initially with Giratina, many fans have commented that these two types are the only ones super effective against themselves. The Ghost is very effective against the Ghost, and the Dragon is very effective against the Dragon (and only the Dragon).  

It’s an interesting oddity that now boasts the Dreepy family and is the only matchup with this unique status. As with Dreepy, there are some strange things associated with Drakloak. His Pokedex notes explain that Drakloak has an obsessive tendency to take care of Dreepy. Sword says that Drakloak will fall in love with Dreepy until he develops.   

In The Shield, he is so focused on healing Dreepy in his head that he will replace the missing Dreepy with another Pokémon. It looks like Drakloak wants to kidnap another Pokemon and make it live on its head.  

While he is not considered a fossil Pokémon alongside characters like Aerodactyl, Aurorus, or Tyrantrum, it looks like the Dragapult family also lived a long time ago. According to Dreepy’s Sword Pokedex entry, it belongs to the Ghost-type because it is being “reborn” and now inhabits the areas in which it resided in prehistoric times. 

It is unclear how long this Pokémon would have lived compared to other fossil Pokémon, but it is possible that some of them had it as an embryo (or prey). Many Pokémon, especially in recent generations, have their own characteristic movements that only they and members of the evolutionary family can learn.    

For the Dreepy family, this move is Dragon Dart, a multi-hit move that deals double damage. The point of this move is that the Dragapult shoots two Drippies overhead. Interestingly, two “darts” can hit two different opponents, making this technique unique.  

In early 2020, Nintendo hosted a popularity contest named Pokémon of the Year. Tons of fans voted worldwide, and Greninja ultimately won the competition for first place. 

However, the organizers decided to kill the most popular Pokémon of each generation. In the 8th generation, Dragapult was recognized as the most popular Pokémon.    

This may be partly because it is a powerful pseudo-legendary Pokemon, but it also has an excellent and exciting design.

 Few Pokémon include another Pokémon in their design, but Dragapult is one. Interestingly, if Dragapult is another Pokemon, in this case, Drippy, it will remain brilliant.  

This is not the case for Pokémon like Slowbro, whose Shellder does not retain the bright coloration of the Shellder if the Slowbro is shiny. The Dreepies on Drakloak and Dragapult are excellent, while Drakloak and Dragapult are great. 

Does this mean that Drakloak, who finds Dripey to take care of, will only choose Shiny Dripey if he is Shiny himself?

 It is not clear but exciting to think about. 

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