Intrigued to know about the bloodstained ritual of the night bosses?

In Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night, players will have to face a series of bosses. These nocturnal creatures can be a real challenge for players trying to beat gothic horror levels and achieve victory.    

To help players, this guide will look at the various bosses found in the game and give tips on how to defeat them. This will also include optional bosses and bosses introduced in the DLC. Here are some of the night bosses and how to defeat them.


Bloodless has a dangerous umbrella at close range but can jump towards the player when too far away. The trick is to keep a medium distance from her and dodge her Crimson Stab and Cyclone attacks, clearly telegraph. Use floating umbrellas and door platforms to avoid his bloody attacks.    


Alfred throws many things at Miriam, so players will want to keep moving. Jump at him when he throws ice and fire bubbles, and he can attack. He is also vulnerable to attacks from behind when summoning ice cubes. It gets more difficult after the potion, and you will need a Flying Edge or a cannon.   


Doppelganger likes to fight up close using ground attacks, so jumping is a solid strategy to avoid damage. His fire attack is annoying, so having a Silver Knight as a defence can help. The best time to attack is right after a jump attack when he remains vulnerable for a few seconds.  


When Orobas is facing up on his right side, he is easier to fight because the player can stay low and get close to dodge anything but body laser attacks. Players need to keep moving and use ranged attacks when reversing and fighting from the ceiling. 


Gebel has a dangerous jump kick that should be avoided at all costs. His ice attack is vulnerable as the player can jump up and attack from behind. Lightning strikes are another option for players to deal damage from a distance.    

Players will want Zangetsuto when the blood moon appears for an excellent Bloodstained ending.   


This battle will be easy if the player uses some tricks. First, his health bar is determined by the player’s money, so buying multiple items at once will lower his health. In fact, if the player has no money, the battle ends immediately. If the player doesn’t want to spend money, using the combination of Aegis Plate and Invert will make this fight easier.    


Zangetsuto helps a lot in this fight. Gremory changes tactics as the moon changes, so you need to be aware of the changes and take them into account. The curse bullets are deadly, and the evocation aids in portal attacks.    


Dominique is unpredictable as she uses a lot of movement with seemingly few marks, so fast reflexes are required here. The best strategy is to learn what each attack causes and use that knowledge to open vulnerabilities for exploitation.   


Three heads share HP, and having weapons at close range helps a lot. It is essential to move with the heads rotating counter-clockwise. Otherwise, the player will get stuck.   


 The performer will like to hop over anything the Revenant tosses at them except the axe. So you need to get behind Revenant and attack while he is standing.    

Master Carpenter

Having plenty of life-saving items helps in a war of attrition. His bullets can be dropped or jumped over. The key in this fight is not to attack while he builds the chest. Letting him finish will reward you, and the attack will summon Demon Lords.  

Millionaire’s Bane

The player will need a potent weapon for every shot, as the Millionaire’s Curse moves around a lot and is hard to hit. The boss telegraphs his attacks when the wheel stops spinning, making it easy to avoid damage. Three sects will kill him instantly, although this is rare. 


The best tactic to deal with this horror is long-range combat, as hitting too close causes players to be cursed. Please stay on the roof of the vehicle slots, as it cannot follow the player here. Weapons like the Heretical Grinder help deal damage from this point. 


OD is weak in the back and where the player should spend most of their time. It is essential to jump when turning or reversing. The Silver Knight protects against time arrest attacks, as it does not freeze in lousy weather. Bloodsteal can maintain maximum health during combat.    


The IGA telegraphs its actions, so it is straightforward to predict them. His only weak point is his face, which requires a jump attack.    

Eight-Bit Overlord

This fight is all about avoiding trampling, fireballs, and fire pillars. Most of the battle is spent dodging random attacks until the creature falls. E

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