How You Can Get Through A Fragmented Monument in The Legend of Zelda?

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most loved games in the gamers fraternity. Those who are familiar with the game are definitely aware of the quest, A Fragmented monument. This is one of the 42 shrine quests you might encounter while you are playing the game.

When you complete A Fragmented monument, you will ascend to the next shrine named Kah Yah Shrine in the Faron Region. 

How to play in A Monument of Shards?

Speak with Garini in the Palmorae Ruins to begin this shrine quest. You can either trek there on your own or follow a young lad from Lurelin Village. Garini is trying to figure out how to make the shrine emerge, so he’ll send you off to “note down” what it says on the scattered monument parts that correspond to the wheel he’s looking at.

You must now figure out how to locate the monument shards and use your camera rune to photograph each one. The letters on the shards illuminate blue at night, making it simpler to find them after dusk.

Where is Monument of Shards?

You can find the initial fragment nearby. From the two light platforms on the left (facing Garini), follow the rock wall until you find three palm plants. It’s perched close to a giant boulder in the grass.
On the way back to Lurelin Village on Palmorae Beach, the second fragment is found. It’s hidden among the boxes and floating barrels, lying between a few rocks in the sea.
The third part can be found on the outskirts of Soka Point. Simply follow this crescent-shaped cape all the way to the conclusion.

Once you get the monument fragment Garini will be able to decipher the message. After it is done you can move to the two orange glowing platforms and press the crouch button to kneel In a while the Kah Yah Shrine will appear.

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