Fortnite’s Chimpanski questline eventually disabled due to an annoying bug

Fourteen days Players have pronounced issues finishing the JB Chimpanski questline because of a selected quest that calls for a gold bullion donation. After many days of participant complaints – in addition to standard uncertainty approximately the way to continue – players. In the end, have a solution from Epic at the trouble.

The huge hassle with the JB Chimpanski quest series is the precise “Donate for the War Effort” task. This includes donating gold bars in one of the donation packing containers across the island with a view to help fund the go back of a few domed items in order to be needed later in the season.

 JB Chimpanski questline

Players have discovered that most of the donation boxes are lacking and that many players were not able to deposit gold bars to complete the hunt. This has caused speculation amongst game enthusiasts as to whether or not Epic is holding a lower back maximum of the containers. So as for the towers to be absolutely funded, or whether there’s a bigger flaw behind this.

 JB Chimpanski questline

There simply seems to be a number of bugs that are causing problems with the Chimpanski questline. Even though Epic has no longer cleared up exactly what exactly goes on. The organization stated in a tweet that it has robotically finished the “Donate for the War Effort”

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