Everything you need to know about hollow knight pale ore locations

This precious mineral is used to improve your nail, with four possible improvements. You can upgrade your pin the first time for 250 Geo and no pale minerals, but after that, you need more each time.   

Six pieces of pale ore were scattered all over the holy nest. They are not easy to find, but they are definitely worth it. This guide can help you find all Pale Ore locations if you encounter problems. Pale ore can be found in ancient basins. 

Ancient Basin

Ancient Basin

You will need to head to the northwest part of the area, west of the tram stop. It is also connected to the west of the main entrance to the Ancient Basin from the north. It is guarded by two junior Maulex, which you must defeat to pass.  

They like to spit out orange acid, which will hurt you, and it will sit on the floor and hurt you even if you touch it. They are less likely to spit acid out if you are around them, so get on with their business and start crawling.    

Once you get past them, grab your pale ore and hit the road. Far above the depths of Hallownest lies the summit of Crystal Peak. Far, far above, there is an area called the “Saint’s Crown,” and this is where you will find a giant statue of Grandeur.    

To climb here, you will need a Mantis Claw and, depending on your skill, the Wings of the Monarch and the Crystal Heart. If you don’t have those two, you can deflect enemy bullets to get to the top, but it’s complicated.    

Hallownest's Crown

Hallownest’s Crown

Once you reach the top and are in the crown of Hallownest, look for the statue of Grandeur to the west of the area, overlooking Dartmouth. You will see some pale ore in the figure. You will need to defeat a rather tricky boss for this piece of pale ore, so prepare accordingly and head to Deepest. Deep in the southern part of the Deepest, you’ll find a hot spring.   



In the room to the west, you can break through the western wall to continue going deeper and finally into Nosk’s lair. The Sock is a terrifying boss who mimics the faces of insect memories to lure them into his lair. Once you defeat this werewolf boss, you can continue your search for the piece of pale ore you came for. 

The Sock can be tough to beat. It is fast and also takes up a lot of room space. These two qualities make it very difficult to avoid them.   

It charges and damages you without stopping, jumps, emits an eruption-style attack and spews infection from the ceiling. By snagging the edge of the center platform, you can avoid the Sock while charging.    

If you need it, you can also treat it here. Some of your spells are very useful in this battle; when he is hidden on the ceiling, you can use the howling ghost/abyss scream to hit him. You can get rich rewards by saving all kinds of maggots around the holy nest.   

Rescue 31 Grubs

Grub father will drop rewards at you for saving some of them, usually Geo. After rescuing 31 maggots, he will give you Pale Ore. This is also not an easy feat. Only 46 larvae can be found in total, so you need to find a good percentage of them to earn more. 

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