Did you know about these body mods in Fallout?

 Load the game, select a difficulty level and click New Game. You sit during a cut-scene, remembering how beautiful Fallout’s story is, and as the fog clears, you stumble upon it.   

How often would you choose the same old fashion hairstyle for female characters or casual or rebellious hairstyles for men?

 I would say it’s time to “mix.” This module of rbddc12 does just that. He offers more than one hundred different hairstyles, combining existing vanilla hairstyles and transforming them into his own mixed hairstyles.

Lots More Hairstyle for Male/Female

Want to look shaved off with a ponytail? Want a mohawk but with side hair? This mod is perfect for those looking to keep the vanilla feel of the game. It is available for both male and female hair and facial hair.    

The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition

The eyes in Fallout 4 are not evil, but they are clear and could be better. This mod from LogRaam practically proves it by adding tons of color and eye tones options. The eyes themselves are of excellent quality, with enhanced high-resolution textures double the size of vanilla eyeballs. I’m sure that with so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to customize your character through the eyes of your dreams.    

Available for both men and women. Here’s a little mod that claims to do exactly what it says.   

Appealing Moles

This mod by ANiceOakTree aims to modify the original Fallout 4 face masks to be “less distracted.” If you don’t want your sole survivor’s skin to be flawless, but you also don’t want the stain to be visible from a mile away, then you’re in luck. This mod will make moles on your character more natural and pleasing to the eye.  

Distinctive Teeth for FO4

This is just one of those mods you install because it’s nice, you know? It may depend on personal taste, but I love to see my sole survivor with a very detailed set of teeth when he speaks. The distinctive humannature66 and Xazomn teeth help to accentuate the teeth and give them a moist sheen and shimmer. In my opinion, this is one of the most excellent tooth modifications currently available, and I think you will enjoy seeing it in action. 

Commonwealth Cuts – KS Hairdos – ApachiiSkyHair

If you don’t mind straying a little from the vanilla hairstyle, perhaps you will become a fan of this mod. Commonwealth Cuts – KS Hairdo – ApachiiSkyHair is a collection of stunning-looking hair from Aarwyn and ANiceOakTree, originally from Skyrim and transformed to fit the head of the sole survivor of Fallout 4. I’m sure you can choose from over 150 new hairstyles. You can find one that you like. The hairstyles themselves may not “fit” the post-apocalypse theme, but who here tests hairstyles and makes them gorgeous, right?    


LooksMenu by Expired6978 is a vital mod that adds engine modifications to improve character creation. It also comes with additional features and quality of life, such as an expanded feature list, saving and loading preset, and adding overlays to an existing body. If you plan on customizing your character further, then this is something you will want to master sooner rather than later.    

LooksMenu Body Tattoos

LooksMenu Body Tattoos

Have you ever wondered why Fallout 4 won’t let you get tattoos on the body of your Sole Survivor but face tattoos are okay? Well, this addition to the LooksMenu mod pretty much changes Bethesda’s wacky decision and allows art to be layered onto a natural, dense canvas. Using the settings of the LooksMenu engine, this mod from krisser143 will enable you to place tattoos using the overlay feature in the body section of the menu. It comes with many great designs that I am also thinking about putting on my body.   

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