Apex Legends Season 10: 3 Legend Upgrades We Need

With the announcement of the new season of Apex Legends, the expectations are high, and to fulfill those expectations. The makers have decided to introduce new characters. There has been a huge meta shake-up with the presentation of the most recent character, Seer. The new character has gone through a kind of evolution to become the strongest character in the game. As a result of being the strongest character, he has got requests flowing in for a quick nerf to his kit. 

While Respawn Entertainment, the designer behind Apex Legends, has effectively said that a nerf is coming to Seer, a couple of different characters in the game could utilize buffs simultaneously.

And as in nature, not everyone is the same. Similarly, a few characters in the game would like to get buffs more quickly than others. Our top 3 picks for an upgrade in Apex Legend Buff are:


Wattson has seen an absence of force comparative with the moving meta for a couple of seasons now. With the accentuation of development and speedy revolutions, she has become less useful in many games. The wall, which is the greatest piece of her pack, requires a group to sit in one spot to exploit them completely, and with the presentation of Valkyrie and Seer, Wattson doesn’t actually fit the game’s current meta.


Crypto was a Legend on the ascent last season, as his robot’s data gathering capacities were viewed as a precious late game. In any case, his specialty has now been taken over by Seer, who can utilize that equivalent degree of long reach data assembling all the more effectively. His effect has surely been stepped on a bit by the presentation of Seer, so ideally, Respawn gives him a chance to consider Crypto to cut out his own sort of effect on a game.


Being one of the most prominent characters, it is hard to see that Mirage doesn’t have any major developments. He essentially doesn’t give a similar degree of effect in a group level that most different Legends do. His capacities truly serve himself and keeping in mind that he can resuscitate partners while imperceptible, it is considerably more of a situational capacity. He doesn’t bring sufficient group worth to warrant being picked over different specialists at present.

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