From Arina Tanemura to Clamp: Influential Shojo Artists of the Early 2000s

From magical ladies to love triangles to beautiful guys, those artists have been some of the maximum influential due to their fashion and their memories.

kaori yuki, arina tanemura and clamp

Despite no longer being as properly-framed as its shōnen counterparts, shōjo manga is still one of the maximum popular genres so far. Titles like Sailor Moon and the PreCure franchise spark the imagination of little ladies all around the world even as Ouran High School Host Club and Vampire Knight are looking to meet the romantic dreams of older young adults and teenagers.

There’s no denying that many aspiring manga artists have taken suggestions from their predecessors while creating their works. Beautiful men, big, emotive eyes, gothic-inspired settings, and love triangles are all popular among these varieties of tales. Thanks to the likes of TokyoPop and Viz Media, many of those memories made their way to foreign clients in the course of the early to mid-2000s. These are just a few of the many shōjo artists audiences were added to during this time.

Arina Tanemura

Eichi holds Mitsuki

Arina Tanemura’s fashion is one of the extra well-known in the style. The large, gentle eyes and special hair are specific and bring a lot of emotion. She is noted as the usage of conventional mediums, particularly Dr. PH. Martin’s colored inks. Many of her tales have been approximately young love and following your goals, as seen with arguably the most famous of her collection Full Moon wo Sagashite.

The story accompanied young Mitsuki as she strived to turn out to be a singer and reconnect together with her old flame Eichi despite a tumor on her throat and a song-hating grandmother. Tanemura is also well known for Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, a mystical girl collection, and The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross, a story following 15-year-antique Haine as she struggled to find her area inside the world and determine out which of the twins she loves.

Yuu Watase 

One of Arina Tanemura’s inspirations, Yuu Watase has a more different art fashion when compared to other artists of the time. While she still incorporates large, expressive eyes, they’re greater at the facet of semi-realistic whilst in comparison to different patterns. Fushigi Yugi is certainly one of her maximum popular titles, which tells the story of Miaka and Yui as they’re pulled into the paranormal universe of the ebook The Universe of the Four Gods. Many of her stories characteristics loved ones turning in opposition to the protagonist out of jealousy or due to the fact they feel threatened. Alice 19th and Ceres, Celestial Legend both have own family individuals who flip in opposition to the protagonist and try to damage them.



An institution of artists rather than simply one individual, their works are some of the maximum famous examples of shōjo manga. Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, xxxHolic, and Chobits all function their unique style, iconic fashion, wispy hair, and lovable mascots. Many of their extra famous memories have romantic elements to various ranges. They additionally feature some type of magic system, although no longer in every story. Sometimes the limbs are incredibly exaggerated, as with the xxxHolic art style, even in different instances they are greater practical like in Chobits. Their magical lady stories are what many fans don’t forget from their formative years, whether or not it changed into CCS or Magic Knights Rayearth.

Kaori Yuki 

Kaori Yuki artwork Angel Sanctuary

Kaori Yuki’s work capabilities beautifully drawn guys and gothic-inspired settings. Drawn in an extra semi-sensible fashion, Yuki’s tales variety from the dark, apocalyptic tale of Angel Sanctuary to the harmful streets of Victoria-generation England in Godchild. While lots of her contemporaries had been drawing magical girls and love triangles, Yuki was crafting memories of tragedy and loss. Her fashion is paying homage to porcelain dolls, with the characters being tall and narrow with big, expressive eyes. She delves into the darker elements of humanity and explores topics now not generally visible in her genre. Murder, betrayal, and suspicion are characteristic in a lot of her works. Many of her paintings will be located on sites like Gaia Online and Quizilla getting used to roleplaying lower back in the day.

Matsuri Hino

Yuki, Zero, and Kaname

Vampire Knight is one of Matsuri Hino’s maximum cherished titles. Coming out at a time when vampires had been charming young hearts, Hino’s manga become prime cloth for manga lovers who desired more vampire romance. The love triangle among Yuki, Zero, and Kaname enthralled her readers, leaving them questioning who Yuki would pick out and fueling the transport wars on message forums. Characters sport the everyday shōjo features of huge eyes and wispy hair, however, male characters frequently have huge fingers as well and often recreation a brooding demeanor.

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