Who is Tracy Marrow Jr?

Tracy Marrow Jr. is 29 years old and is from Los Angeles, California. He was born on November 23 of 1991; he currently has the nationalities of American and Sagittarius.

Body Measurements

His altitude is 5 feet 8 inches, and his weight is 70 kilograms. Marrow’s body measurements are 39 inches in length, 32 inches in height, and 38 inches in width. 

Tracy Marrow Jr and his Family?

His father’s name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, and his mother’s name is Darlene Ortiz. He has two half-sisters named LeTesha and Chanel. Likewise, Tracy’s mother is a singer, while his father is a rapper, songwriter, actor, and producer.

His father is a renowned American musician, rapper, songwriter, actor, producer, and author, and his mother is a singer. Her mother, Darlene, is an anonymous model and dancer, and her father is a renowned American musician, rapper, songwriter, actor, producer, executive director, and author.

What is Tracy’s educational qualification?

Tracy’s education and qualifications have been discussed. In 2009, he attended a local high school where he played on the soccer team. After choosing to not pursue secondary education, he started working for pay.

Body Count is a large metal band that Tracy Marrow Jr. joined last year, 2017. For a long time, he has been singing backup vocals on recordings from the album “Bloodlust,” such as No Lives Matter, This is Why We Ride and Raining in Blood / Pm2017.

In the same way, he collaborated with his father on the songs Bum-Rush, All Love Is Lost, and The Ski Mask Way. Recently, reports of Tracy starting a solo career have surfaced on the Internet, but nothing has been confirmed.

Furthermore, their group delivered numerous more singles along with Tracy, including Bodycount’s In The House, Body Motherfucking Count, and Extreme Discipline, Carnivore, The Hate Is Real, When I’m Gone, and Thee Critical Beatdown. And in 2008, he was interviewed on an episode of Celebrity Family Feud.

 Tracy Marrow Jr

Legal Actions

Tracy Marrow Jr was pulled over by the police on October 10, 2012, for having too loud music in his car. When the police asked for the music to be turned down, Marrow turned it up instead. They also found out that he had a $10K warrant out for speeding simultaneously, so they arrested and booked him at that exact moment.

Relationship Status

It’s possible that Tracy is currently single and is focusing on his career and private life, or he might have kept romantic relationships away from public attention. Many people have accused Juan of having never been in a relationship. He is highly focused on women–but Tracy has remained quiet about his love life, so there isn’t much information to go on.

Tracy did not talk about the girls he may have dated, but there are rumors on the Internet that he became a womanizer like his father when he was his age, and therefore Tracy has not yet married. His fans have alleged to have seen him with many women on various occasions, and it is widely believed that he has not had a single long-term relationship so far. He calls himself Ice Marrow on Instagram and has uploaded many photos with her friends to his account. There were also rumors that Tracy was gay, but it is believed that they were started solely to harm the reputation of her and her father.

Social Media

Social media platforms are one place where Tracy Marrow Jr is active. He owns an Instagram account under ice_marrow and has 31,400 followers; on Twitter, he holds a username of ice_marrow and has 10,800 followers.

What is Tracy Marrow Net Worth?

Tracy Marrow Jr’s net worth is $2 million, and rapping is his primary source of income.

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