Tyler Hawkins

Tyler Hawkins is a shareholder in Smith LC. Prior to joining Smith LC, Tyler practiced for a large national law firm for over a decade. He specializes in complex commercial disputes, including commercial contracts and real estate disputes, bankruptcy and corporate restructuring.

 Tyler has worked in high risk defense and prosecution in a variety of areas, including consumer financial services and mortgage banks, intellectual property, real estate, and construction. He has defended banks, creditors, recipients of debt, and other corporations in lawsuits related to the Fair Debt Collection Act (FDCPA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and state consumer protection laws.   

He has represented guaranteed lenders and other lenders in bankruptcy proceedings and resolved various disputes for mortgage managers. In addition, he represents the interests of developers, private and public companies in disputes related to the signing of lease agreements and agreements. Tyler has discussed cases at the judicial and appeal levels in state and federal courts and has experience representing clients in mediation, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Taylor’s clients rely on him in disputes because he provides practical solutions and regards disputes as a means to achieve goals rather than ends in themselves.  

Won the Trial

He dismissed more than $ 350 million in compensation and won a full five-week jury trial in favor of clients accused of. Among other things, violation of non-discrimination agreements and misappropriation of secrets. Following the problem, the court awarded Mr. Hawkins’ client more than $ 600,000 in compensation. Ct., Utah County, Utah, July 26, 2018).   

He successfully represented the Special Service District in securing a federal lawsuit filed by a property developer exposing multiple violations of the United States Constitution, Utah Constitution, and federal laws. VR Acquisitions v Wasatch County et al. LEXIS 116523 (D. Utah, September 1, 2015) as filed by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in VR Acquisitions, LLC v. Wasatch County, 853 F.3d 1142 (2017)). Successfully represented an import-export company in a multi-million dollar fraudulent claim violation case.  

Barrick v. Parker-Migliorini Int’l, LLC, 878 F.3d 1224 (10th Circuit, Intentional Interference, and Collusion Prosecution. PFM Properties, Inc. v. Cooper et al. Ct, Davis County, UT May 17 2019).    

Debt buyer representatives in cases, including alleged class actions filed by consumers who reported violations of the FDCPA and Utah’s Common Consumer Selling Practice Act. Represented the developer of an elite house and condominium project in Park City in a dispute related to mistakes and omissions. Architect during the construction of the project. Representing a private lender in a lawsuit against a borrower for failure to fulfill obligations under a multimillion-dollar loan agreement.   

Represents the interests of large financial institutions, secured creditors, and other creditors in the sale of assets by bankrupt debtors following section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code. Representing large commercial owners in lawsuits against tenants for non-payment of rent or other violations of their lease agreements. He has represented direct selling companies in arbitrations for alleged consumer protection statutes and fair debt collection laws.    

Pro Bono Experience

Taylor is committed to providing free legal services to those in need. Represents undocumented immigrants holding U visas to provide services to crime victims who have suffered mental or physical abuse and are used by law enforcement or government officials to investigate illegal activities. It also includes prisoners deprived of religious freedom. 

Professional Activities

Tyler was a member of his previous company team, which successfully represented a client in challenging the constitutionality of the Utah Grandparent Visitation Act, from trial to appeal in the Utah Court of Appeal Jones v. Jones, 2013 UT App 174, 307 P .3d 598 and the recognition of the Utah Supreme Court, Jones v. Jones, 2015 UT 84, 359 P.3d 603. Comment, “Adopting Children of Unknown and Unmarried Fathers: Legislative Proposals to Better Balance Related Interests,” 2009 Utah L. Rev. 

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