Juan Rivera: About, the Life of Juan Rivera

Juan Rivera is one of the most famous American-born singers, brought up in Mexico. He is one of the well-known singers, musicians, and song creators. He has been on the list of the most popular categories.

Juan’s interest in music can be traced back to childhood, as his father was Pedro Rivera, a musician and a founder of Cintas Acuario. His siblings are Jenni Rivera and Lupillo Rivera. Juan Rivera (aka El Pelotero Mayor) chose to seek after singing as a profession at 16 years old, making his introduction with the arrival of El Atizador in 1995.

The Wife of Juan Rivera?

The marital relationship of Juan Rivera has not been a smooth sail. He has been married three times. Because of a failed marriage, he had an emotional breakdown and trauma.

His first marriage was at a very age, married to Anna Dejuan in 1986. His second marriage didn’t last very long either. After the failure of his first marriage, he married Jennifer Garcia in 1997.

He got married the third time in 2005 to Megan Jones, but the marriage ended with a divorce. Leading us to the present, Juan’s present relationship status is not known.

Juan’s Net Worth?

Juan’s Rivera is one of the well-known musicians and singers, through which he earned most of his livings. His net worth rounds up to about $10 million.

He started his carrier at the age of 16 in 1995, but that’s not his only profession. He has also worked as an actor in La dinastia de Los Perez, in the role of Jose Luis Perez in 1994.

Juan Rivera’s Albums

  • 1995– El Atizador
  • 1995– El Atizador, Vol 2
  • 1999– Juan Rivera Y los Corridos Mas Broncudos
  • 2000–Los Cuates Colgando
  • 2000– Orden de Aprehension
  • 2001– El Abandonado
  • 2002– Canciones
  • 2002– Entre Loquera
  • 2003– Atorele a lo Grande Con
  • 2004– Con la locura Nortena y Banda
  • 2004– El Frande: Como Hueso Compadre!!!
  • 2004– Mano a Mano Musical
  • 2005– Un Borracho Sin Futuro
  • 2007– Pa’ La Raza Del Barrio
  • 2007– Corridos de Poca Madre
  • 2008– El Tamaulipeco
  • 2009– Vaqueton y Semental
  • En La Mira
  • Purso Corridos Pesados, Vol 1
  • Dejame

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