Jose Trinidad Marin: Biography, Early Life, Family, and Wife

Jose Trinidad Marin, also recognized as Trino Marin, is the famous husband of an American celebrity and former restaurant manager, ex-husband of Jenny Rivera.

José was born on February 15, 1964. According to his profile, the guy will be 57 years old in 2022, which states that he was born in California. He has a genteel complexion and an athletic physique.

Little is known about Trinidad’s parents and other family members. He does, however, have a sibling who remains unknown. His high school sweetheart was Jenny. She was in her teens when she married José – they divorced again when he began treating her poorly. As for his ex-wife, Marn also treated his sister-in-law and kids neglectfully.

When they cried for justice, José was arrested and eventually sentenced to prison for his crimes. He married Jenni Rivera in 1992, and the couple had three children together.

Early in his time with Jenni, Trino was employed at various occupations and could eventually earn a decent income.

While Jenn was at home with their children, he advised her to stay in the house and take care of them instead of college.

Jose Trinidad wife

Trino Marin’s Criminal Case And Trial

After a lengthy search, Trino was finally caught. As well as sexually exploiting Rosie, his ex-sister-in-law and wife, he abused his two children. In 1997, his sister-in-law came first and acknowledged his horrendous crime.

 He was pronounced blameworthy and ordered to pay 5 times the amount he had sued for. Soon after, he disappeared, and it is believed this fugitive changed his identity and reached Riverside County, but I wonder what difference there would be between the new life he settled into without further legal proceedings if he hadn’t tried to escape.

Although Trino had tried to conceal his identity, he was arrested in April 2006 and charged with a crime. Further, the trial continued for a year; however, Trino was found guilty of sexual assault and sentenced to 31 years in prison. He was given 31 consecutive years behind bars — to be served consecutively.

Nine custody of crime unlawful intimate conduct, three numbers of baby abuse, one case of physical damage, one count of repeated physical abuse, and three instances of oral interchange with a lesser were directed by the court.

Chiquis Rivera Dad: Jose Trinidad Marin

When Trinidad was in high school, the two married and gave birth to a baby daughter. On June 26, 1985, he and Jenni welcomed their first daughter into the world with the help of their doctor.

November 20, 1989 – they had their second child, a girl named Jacqie Campos. They welcomed their son, Michael Marin, on September 11, 1991. His children are all professionally successful.

Chris’ older daughter followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a singer. His other two children turned to the movie business for work.

Chiquis Rivera Recalls Sexual Abuse By Father

Ms. Rivera’s father sexually abused her as a child, which had an impact on her upbringing. She bravely described the ordeal in an interview.

He told me not to say anything, which is why I never did. He mentioned that he would send me to my grandmother’s house, where his mother lived. This made me anxious because I was worried I would never see my own mother again. His intention also scared me because I knew her nature & what she might do if she found out about this. Chris claims that she has forgiven her father, who is currently in prison, after twenty years.

Chiquis Rivera Declines To See Offensive Father In Prison

Jenny’s younger sister, Rosie Rivera, initially confessed to mistreating Jose in 1997. According to her, Marin allegedly attacked her and her eldest daughter Chiklis. According to the medical examination, Jose was harassing his daughters, Chikis and Jacqueline. There are no details about his father or mother.   

In addition, when the assault was prosecuted in 1997, José Marne was sentenced to 9 years in prison. In April 2006, Marne was sentenced to 31 years in prison. 

Jacqueline, Chiklis, and Michael are their three children, whom Marne also tortured. In 1984 Trino Marne married Jenny Rivera, his schoolmistress and singer. Chiklis, Jacqui Campos, and Michael Marine Marine are their three children.    

The Story Of Trino Marin, Ex-Husband Of Late American Musician, Jenni Rivera

 He was born on February 15, 1964. Rivera was a famous US singer, songwriter, actor, TV producer, publicist, and philanthropist. Jose, famously known by his degree name Trino Marin, was born and raised in Mexico and then moved to the United States.  

His only requirement to fame was his wedding to Jenny Rivera, although their rumors were rarely made public. They got coupled in 1984 and have three children.   

In a plane crash in Monterrey, Mexico, Rivera died early in the morning of December 9, 2012, when the Learjet 25, which she was traveling with six other passengers.

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