What is Verto Education?

Verto Education has joined forces with Illinois Technological University to offer credit-bearing semesters abroad at one of our transformational destinations.

What is Verto Education, and how does it help students?

 Verto Education helps students discover themselves and the world around them by making overseas educational travel a core, affordable part of the college plan over four years. 

Students looking to start their college careers abroad can pursue a degree at Hanover College over four years, thanks to the newly formed partnership with Verto Education.    

Shenandoah University is excited to begin its innovative partnership with Verto Education, which allows its students to start their college careers overseas before continuing to pursue studies on campus. 

Students seeking a postsecondary education now have the option of spending the first semester or year of college at locations such as Fiji, Costa Rica, London, and more, earning college credits that transfer seamlessly back to SusquehannaSusquehanna University.

 Students receive official college credits while undertaking an experiential education, which allows them to remain on track for graduation from Susquehanna University within four years.    

Students interested in spending the first semester or a year abroad should directly apply to Verto Education and choose Susquehanna UniversitySusquehanna University as the partner college for their transfer admission. When students are accepted into Verto Education, they are automatically accepted into at least one of the partner colleges at Verto. With Verto Education, students begin college in destinations such as England, Spain, and Costa Rica – all the while earning immediate acceptance into 65+ partner colleges from Verto, including Wilkes University, earning transferable college credits, and staying on track graduation.   

The Verto Education App

The Verto Education app provides access to a student portal for students who are already enrolled, where you will be prepped for an academic adventure of a lifetime. Those registered for the Verto Education term will receive 12-16 credits each time, which count toward general and elective requirements at Shenandoah University. Students who attend a semester (or year) at Verto receive public education and elective credits that will seamlessly* transfer to Chatham University following their experience.    

Chatham University has partnered with Verto Education as a partner school, allowing incoming students to take a semester (or year) or two abroad, earn general education credits, and see the world before continuing at Chatham. Verto students then enrol in the college of their choice as either a sophomore in the second term or as a freshman in the first term, depending on the Verto program’s duration. Verto Vol students need to fill out a pledge form and send Verto Vol a $500 deposit to guarantee their program placement.   

Students who have chosen to attend the Verto Vol program can find the next steps for confirming their place by accessing their Go Vols portal and going to the “Just For You” tab. 

Participating in the Verto Vol via the Road to Rocky Top Program will allow students to experience a semester abroad as an early enrollee alongside other first-year students before coming and starting classes on UTS campuses in spring 2023. Student-teacher ratios, small classes, and cultural immersion are the main priorities with the custom curriculum from Verto Education. For example, students at Verto may study business & ethics in China, ecology in Costa Rica, humanities and indigenous studies in Fiji, New Zealand & Australia

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