What Companies Are in The Capital Goods Field?

The capital goods industry is expanding daily. If you don’t know, what are capital goods or what companies are in the Capital goods field? Then you should read this article. If someone claims they have never used an appliance, modern technology, or even a vehicle in the modern world, they are not from this world. These are the capital goods at their pre-manufacturing stage, and they completely surround us.

But before jumping to the question, “What companies are in the Capital goods field?” Let’s first comprehend capital goods properly before moving on.

What is “Capital Goods”?

Capital goods are the raw materials that companies need to produce their goods. The process of manufacturing, creating, and producing the things that customers utilize entails the exploitation of multiple capital assets. Further, capital goods include things like buildings, manufacturing equipment, production tools, autos, and other repair items. However, capital goods are not finished consumer goods. Instead, businesses use them to deliver new commodities to the end customer.

Top 10 companies in the capital goods sector

The capital goods industry in the US constitutes a large number of businesses. Yet, a small number of companies either control the market or produce commodities that have a significant economic impact. Here are a few of the big capital goods companies doing well.

CompanyOverviewWorking Employees
United Rentals, Inc.The construction and facilities services company United Rentals Inc. was established in 1997. This business, regarded as the biggest equipment rental business in the world, has locations in all 49 states and one in each Canadian province. Construction and industrial vehicle and equipment rental services are United Rentals’ areas of expertise. Utilities, local governments, private citizens, and businesses in the industrial and construction sectors make up its clientele. The corporation earns more than $6 billion annually.18,500+
Union PacificUnion Pacific has held the business since 1862. Like in the transportation and logistics sector that manufactures coal, chemicals, automotive products, agricultural products, and intermodal items. The corporation runs routes from all significant ports on the West Coast and Gulf Coast up to eastern gateways, connecting 23 of the nation’s states in two-thirds of the Western United States. About 10,000 people serve Union Pacific, which also connects to train networks in Mexico and Canada. The company’s annual revenue exceeds $10 billion.29,905
Northrop GrummanNorthrop Grumman was established in 1939, and Virginia serves as its corporate home. It produces a range of defense products and works in the aerospace and defense sector. They consist of aerial vehicles, military aircraft, chain guns, rocket launchers, ammunition, autocannons, and munitions. The annual revenue of Northrop Grumman is around $30 billion.90,000+
Lockheed MartinProducing fire sensors, strike weapons, air missiles, and a range of other defense weaponry is the company’s area of expertise. It is one of the largest aerospace, security, military support, and technology firms. The corporation primarily manufactures goods and equipment for the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal government departments in the United States. Missiles, aeronautics, fire control, and space, and are only a few of Lockheed Martin’s divisions. The company’s annual revenue exceeds $65 billion.10,000+
HoneywellHoneywell International creates goods for the industrial control, chemical, automotive, and aerospace sectors. Honeywell manufactures a variety of items, including engineered materials, chemicals, polymers, automotive goods, and more. Honeywell generates more than $30 billion annually.110,000+
General Electric (GE)General Electric, also referred to as “GE,” was established in the manufacturing sector in 1892. GE is a corporation with offices in Boston and New York that provides services to several industries, including renewable energy, power, aviation, and health care. As a result, this business focuses on creating software, electric motors, weapons, wind turbines, and aircraft engines, among other things. GE has annual revenues of more than $20 billion.168,000
Caterpillar Inc. (CAT)Construction company Caterpillar, sometimes known as CAT, was established in 1925. This business specializes in developing and manufacturing gas turbines, gas engines, and diesel-electric locomotives for construction equipment and mining use. CAT has locations on every continent and in more than 180 nations. It generates revenues of about $50 billion annually and offers goods and services to three primary industries: construction, resources, and energy and transportation. Additionally, it provides machinery for hydraulics, paving, drilling, mining, and other uses.107,700
BoeingBoeing is an aerospace and defense corporation established in 1916. The largest aerospace firm in the world has three distinct business divisions: global services, commercial aircraft, space, defense, and security. In over 150 different nations, Boeing also provides support for airlines and government clients who are allies of the United States. The business has annual revenue of approximately $58 billion and also provides other services like military aircraft, launch systems,  electronic defense systems, commercial airplanes, space satellites, and weaponry.140,000+
ABBABB is a company that works in the energy, mining, and utility industries. The company specializes in manufacturing control devices, cable systems, circuit breakers, switches, and other electronic equipment. Additionally, the business provides installation and maintenance services for its own systems. The United States is the company’s largest market for its products, and its headquarters are in North Carolina. The annual revenue of this business exceeds $26 billion.110,000+
3MThe 3M company was founded in Minnesota in 1902. It has a branch in more than 200 countries and produces about 60,000 distinct kinds of products. They manufacture paint protection films, adhesives, window films, and more. In addition, 3M produces software for the healthcare industry and automotive, electronic, medical, and dental equipment. The business has annual revenue of more than $35 billion.

The economic outlook and the capital budgets of companies and governments significantly impact how strong the capital goods sector is. Industrial producers experience large orders and sales when the economy thrives, whereas they suffer during recessions. With its equities rising during economic expansions and falling during economic contractions, this sector has the strongest correlation to the macroeconomic cycle.

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