Snead State Community College, All You Need To Know

Snead State Community College, located in Boaz, Alabama, is a public community college. It was founded in 1898 as a private seminary and joined the Alabama Community College System in 1967. Snead offers associate degrees and certificates in 79 different areas.


In 1898, Snead State Community College established a tradition of academic distinction. Snead State’s objective is to provide educational opportunities and improve the community’s quality of life — a mission that has guided the College for over a century of success. Snead State is the place to start your college career, no matter what educational or career route you select. Snead State Community College provides a comprehensive college education as well as a vibrant campus culture.


Snead began as a girls’ grade school at the home of its founder, Anna D. Elder, in 1898. Later that year, control of the institution was handed to the Methodist Episcopal Church’s state conference. Enrollment had grown to the point where a separate facility was needed in 1901, allowing for the installation of a high school. John H. Snead, a local businessman, contributed land and money to the school in 1906, and it was christened in his honour. Snead added a junior college in 1935 after the city of Boaz erected a public high school; the primary and high schools were phased out three years later. In 1941, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools granted the junior college its accreditation. When the Alabama Community Institution System was established in 1963, Snead’s enrollment dropped, and the System bought it in 1967, making it the 15th college in the state.


Snead State Community College’s Boaz campus is located in the centre of Sand Mountain, just a short drive between Birmingham and Huntsville. The 45-acre campus has academic and sports facilities, as well as a dormitory, library, and cafeteria, all of which are geared to satisfy the needs of students.


Snead State serves students from Marshall, DeKalb, Blount, and Etowah counties, as well as the surrounding area, through its academic transfer and vocational technical programmes. The College reaches out to students beyond its service area through one of the state’s largest distance education programmes. Flexible scheduling and online classes make it possible for students to continue their education while juggling their busy lives.


We think that a college education is not exclusive to the wealthy or those with a track record of academic achievement. Rather, we believe that any one of us benefiting from education and training benefits all of us. Those who stand to benefit and are prepared to work hard are welcomed and encouraged. However, far too many students are unable to take advantage of these chances due to a lack of financial resources. Snead State University might help these students by greatly increasing its Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund.

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