Did you know your prescribed medications can reduce the efficacy of COVID Vaccine?


Are you aware of what an Immunosuppressing drug is? It is a medication given to special patients with specific medical conditions that lower the capabilities of your immune system by overpowering it.

Did you know that research at Michigan Medicine found that approx 3 per cent of covered U.S. adults under 65 years intake suppress medications that weaken their immune system?

Which prescribed drugs are suppressing the immune system of adults?

A rheumatologist at Michigan where the study was conducted says,

 “These medications that suppress our immune system are prescribed to the patient whose immune system is not responding correctly and has the caliber to also destroy specific parts of the patient’s body.” Such improper functioning of immune system conditions includes autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, where the patient’s immune system starts hurting its own body parts like joints, etc. Basically, the immune system starts attacking parts of its own body and causes damage.

There are conditions like organ transplants when doctors prescribe such immune-suppressive drugs to their patients. Doctors give such medications to prevent the immune system from looking at the transplanted organ as a system that might attack the body.

Some types of chemotherapy are used to destroy the cancer cells; they also have side effects of overpowering the immune system.

Are you familiar with Steroids? Steroids are also a kind of immune-suppressing drug that is very commonly used among people, especially gym freaks. Prednisone and Dexamethasone are types of Steroids that damage your immune system. (Did you know that even small doses of steroids can double the risk of people getting infected and reduce the efficiency of vaccines.w

 Studies show that taking these medications might be a problem in this Covid scenario as these medications reduce the efficiency of Covid-19 Vaccinations. It also reveals that Intaking such medications that weaken your immune system increases the risk of catching Covid-19 symptoms more quickly if exposed to the virus.

How do vaccines work?

They are basically induced to tell your immune system that it should check for the particular threat and respond appropriately, and that vaccine shot helps the immune system do its duty.

Why do such immune-suppressing drugs reduce the efficiency of vaccines?

These immune-suppressing drugs reduce the power of our immune system to check for the threat and fight against it. Although, such overpowering immune medicines do help in the treatment of undesirable immune reactions and arthritis. 

However, we can still not ignore how much harm it is causing to our immune system by reducing its ability to respond and fight against viruses entering our body. 

Studies have proved that these immunosuppressive drugs are slowing down the efficiency of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Is it dangerous for people to get vaccinated if they are prescribed such medications?

No, it is not dangerous to get your Covid vaccine shot if you are on immunosuppressive drugs. However, the efficiency of the vaccine you are inducing in your body decreases to some percent if you are regular with immunosuppressive medications.

Doctors also say that the efficiency of the vaccine protecting you from viruses also decreases if you are on suppressing immune medications. The chances of getting infected increase more as such medicines decrease your immune system’s capabilities.

So, if you are a person who is an adult and prescribed such drugs, you need to take more precautions even after you get fully vaccinated as your efficiency to fight has been reduced by the medications. So, maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, using sanitizers is a must for your guys if you are traveling.

What alternatives are experts coming up with?

Experts are stills sitting on this matter to get out with a solution. They suggest that perhaps by giving regular patients with medications some booster shots, this reduced efficiency problem can be solved. 

But, at the same time, it doesn’t mean that if you are on such suppressed medication, you should not take a vaccine shot. Because taking a vaccine dose will protect you even if it is less efficient.

Let’s all of us get the vaccine shot and fight this Coronavirus Pandemic together and win it.

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