Are we likely to encounter a Third-wave of Covid-19 in the future?

Things are likely to open entirely until June 21 here in the United States with a series of Covid-19 vaccinations. Everyone is waiting in lines to get their vaccine shot and start their old lifestyle again. But, the question here is, Our things not going on too fast? What about the third wave? What if lifting the lockdown entirely might trigger the third wave of Coronavirus? We all are confused and blank about these questions, right? 

However, the government has announced that all the COVID- restriction will be lifted on June 21 so, there is nothing we can do sitting at our homes but think what all a third wave can bring to the world.

 Although we all are too frustrated, angry, and tired inside our homes now, everyone hopes to get their shot done and travel again. So, it has become a tough choice to get a doze and risk going out or still cooped in our homes.

Some people still live in denial of the Covid pandemic and are roaming on the roads and organizing protests claiming covid as a false virus. In addition, doctors and experts expressed their emotions on the protests, saying it feels like somebody is rubbing salt in wounds when we see rallies like this while we are working day and night, staying away from our family to save covid patient’s lives. They further added that at every rally they witness, they feel slapped at their faces.

The U.K. says that even if they have fewer Covid patients in their hospitals, their vaccination series has been and still running successfully. However, they also added that doctors and experts still suggest waiting a month or half more to lift all the restrictions.

The doctors’ main concern is the newly identified Variant called ‘Delta Variant’ that might increase the number of Covid patients in hospitals by 2.7times. The U.K. government is working on the same and has also restricted flights from India.

Third-wave of Covid-19

What evidences show that we are now on the verge of a Corona third wave?

March 2021 started with vaccination in Europe, and the whole of Europe was set for the vaccination dose. The first Variant was discovered in the U.K., names the’ Alpha variant.’ 

As the delivery of vaccinations was slow initially, Italy and Germany saw the flood of Covid cases that led to the extra lockdown. Although the vaccination doses are being appropriately completed in these countries, they still fear the delta variant as the U.K. now has more delta variant cases than ever. 

Germany has already started taking more precautions, and travels are banned from the U.k. to Germany after they found one case of delta variant between the 189 people who were quarantined.

Other than these nations, there are places like Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Denmark, and Spain where Delta Variant has been detected.

Continuing about the evidence of the third wave, we have Nepal, which is still trying to stop or pause the rising Covid infection. The PM of Nepal further contacted The U.K. and asked them to keep Nepal a priority in U.K. Covid Aid.

What does the scientist say about the new Variant?

Experts revealed that they are still under the process of observing and testing the potential Variant. However, they add that they think this Variant can suppress the K417N that can make the immune system triggered by the vaccines.

The Variant is also detected in Portugal, Japan, Vietnam, and other countries, the experts add. South Africa has already started taking precautions for the third wave; they are planning to9 be well prepared for it.

Experts say the only way to break the chain and stop the variant infection is to vaccinate every human present on the globe. They say once everyone gets their double shot of the COVID vaccine, they might even suppress the new viruses or variants by intaking some booster shots in the future. Finally, they end the statement by saying that if nations aren’t severe about vaccinations and the completion of vaccination in their country, we might likely experience a third wave of Covid-19 that we indeed won’t be welcoming with a smile.  So, it’s better to get your vaccination completed while not stopping taking precautions like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing in public places or crowds.

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