Did you get your Vaccine Passport?

As soon as COVID-19, vaccines started emerging in public. We all are ready and eager to get the shot(although we also have been re-thinking about the Vaccine inducing in ourselves at times), take some precautions and travel the world again. Climb mountains, feel the beach sand, eat different cuisine and whatnot. But, will it be possible again, or will it just stay a dream now? For this, did you get your vaccine passport?

What rules are nations planning to add for their citizens if they want to travel?

Different nations are letting their citizens travel, but only if they carry their Vaccine shot proof. They have declared ‘Vaccine Passport a necessity while travelling”

Previous month China also revealed their digital vaccine passport procedure that will work via an app. Thus will provide proof of Vaccine shot verification by scanning an individual’s Q.R. code. Japan has also declared such a way of confirmation for their citizen’s Vaccine passports. Europe announced their citizen shot proof as their ‘Digital Green Certificate.’ used for travel reasons.

While, the U.S. has not still said anything about any such new rule, regulation for travelling. Though, there are still companies in the U.S. that are building vaccine proof for smartphones.

Although the nations are still building a proper system for verifying the vaccine shot, we still do not how it will work, but the experts say it’s a good addition.

Will you only need the vaccine passport now for travelling?

Of course, no, the passport won’t make you free from masks(we all are still at risk, it’s just for making our lives a little easier but with some precaution). You would need to take all precautions while flying, which includes maintaining social distance and wearing masks. 

CDC says if you are a fully vaccinated person, you might get to avoid testing and quarantine when you visit the place you missed for so long.

Vaccine Passport

Who will be a fully vaccinated person?

An individual will only claim fully vaccinated if they are coming after two weeks receiving the second dose of Moderna or Pfizer- BioNTech or after two weeks of getting one shot of Johnson and Johnson Vaccine.

What are all the concerns and fears regarding the digital way of Vaccine Passport?

Although the concept might come in very handy with the people because it will be an app, COVID -19 does confuse things.

“I believe the yellowish illness wants picture pretty fine even if it’s not a complete method because the disease itself is not the usual between passengers,” Wu says.

Wu further said,

But, while we are suffering this pandemic that has affected all of us worldwide, mentally and physically. It is not uncomplicated as getting a vaccine passport.”

Fake documents surround us; take it a birth certificate or a degree or a signature or an I.D. and whatnot. And, how things work digitally, we all are aware of that too. Where documents have a price, and you buy them as you have earned them.

Trying to stop such cybercrime is impossible, especially when things would be so accessible. But, the developers will are working on the security and privacy of these apps.

How can the new concept flow properly?

This concept works smoothly if the passport only claims the person is fully vaccinated other than giving any private health/personal information.

They would also have to develop some idea to make things either accessible to people who do not own a smartphone or come up with an alternative for them.

What do experts say?

Experts suggest there are and will be many pros and cons for the future of vaccine verification passport. There are still too many unsettled puzzles from which they are still getting their way out.

They talked about still working on developing and building this new concept with jumbled thoughts regarding the same. They are working towards it to make travel accessible for fully vaccinated people and following precautions. Whether you are fully vaccinated or not, you would need to realise that the government is bringing new laws for our better lives so, we would also need to keep taking precautions for ourselves and humanity. Remember, we can only fight this together

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