Subaru Ascent Onyx Edition: Review

The new Subaru Ascent carries forward the title of Subaru’s largest SUV. An eight-seater SUV with a lot more cup holders than you might expect. The new Onyx edition is the 2022 version of the SUV.

The latest Onyx edition presents a color for the Ascent line. There are multiple sides to this SUV, some good, others not so good. We will bring forth all of them. For you to be the judge.

What’s new with the Onyx edition?

The new Onyx edition is decorated with a few dark elements. For instance, it has a new dark grill, dark lift gates on some trims, and twenty-inch dark alloy wheels. The twenty-inch dark alloy wheels are an upgrade over the eighteen-inch wheels on the Ascents. 

In addition, this trim features bold looks that are easily noticeable.

What are the good things about the Subaru Ascent Onyx edition?

  • Standard AWD- The Subaru Ascent Onyx edition comes with a standard all-wheel drive. This translates to “no added cost” for an all-wheel drive.
  • Better Visibility- With its well-designed exterior and great design, the Subaru offers good all-around visibility. The better visibility on the Subaru is available because of the camera-based rear-view mirror, larger windows, and slim roof pillar. These minor details in the design give the driver a much better idea and vision from the car.
  •  Drive Quality- The driving experience on a Subaru is more or less effortless. The car is easy to handle on-road and pretty much very smooth from behind the wheels. Though you might feel a slight sense of discomfort while entering a curve, but the Ascent manages to recover from it quite easily. In simple words, this is the kind of ride you might want when looking for a family-friendly vehicle.
  • Safe Ride- In a crash test performed by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, The Ascent managed to get the Top Safety Pick Plus award. The award Ascent earned is courtesy of his good quality headlights, collision avoidance systems, and sturdy body that performed well in crash tests. 

What are the not-so-good things about the Subaru Ascent Onyx edition?

  • Too Calm- If you are someone who likes going fast, the Ascent is probably not the car for you. Powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine giving out 260hp and 277pound-feet of torque equipped with a variable automatic transmission is a bit slow when speeding up.
  • Limited Options- The Ascent is a bit limited with the options. It allows you to have wireless smartphone integration, a height-adjustable passenger seat, and a multimedia touchscreen. All these features on this SUV are not the best but offer a very decent quality.
  • Seating Arrangement- Grown-ups in the subsequent line may be laying their heads on their knees, awkwardly raised by the Ascent’s low second-column pads. In the headroom-starved third column, their noggins may be leaning against the roof.

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