Chevrolet Comes Up with All-Electric Silverado, With 4-Wheel Steering

Chevrolet is ready to unveil the electric version of its best-selling truck Silverado. This new truck is the carrier of a bundle of hopes for Chevy, considering that Ford just unveiled the F-150 lightning. 

As per a video posted by Chevy on social media. The new electric Silverado will have a bunch of new features like four-wheel steering, with the set of massive 24-inch wheels as optional. Considering the truck’s enormous size, this new system would be a great addition to improve its manoeuvrability.

In the brief video posted by Chevy, they flaunt the four-wheel steering on the truck in a controlled environment, enumerating how much tighter it’s ready to turn. The additions are critical, and the more tight turning circle will be a pleasant element to have when stopping the pickup. It’s hazy how enormous this new truck will be. However, decided by the way that 24-inch wheels were likewise sawed. Therefore, you need a gigantic wheel well breadth for that not to look senseless – it will not be any more reduced than the typical Silverado.

Others With Similar Systems?

Electric Silverado

GM is by all accounts a significant four-wheel enthusiast on its full-size electric vehicles. The Hummer EV also gets four-wheel steering, including a CrabWalk mode that similarly turns each of the four wheels. It’s been an all-around showcasing component of GM’s heavyweight offering. Yet it’s hazy if the Silverado EV will want to move askew like the Hummer. It could be a product highlight that can be added or taken out freely.
Four-wheel steering is certifiably not another thing for GM. It was already accessible on full-size GM trucks as a framework called Quadrasteer. That was accessible for a couple of years, beginning in 2002 on the Chevy Suburban and GMC Yukon XL, just as the Silverado and Sierra pickups. Proprietors adored it, as it made both stopping and trailering a lot simpler. Having it as an alternative on this new electric Silverado shows it will be a bit more flexible. Yet possible clues that the truck works for towing too. Until Chevy announces the launch date or reveals the complete details about the new truck. We have no other option but to wait. But the wait can get much harder, considering that one of the all-time favourite trucks is getting upgrades.

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