Getting a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be a significant investment. Depending on your research and the work you put in before buying such a vehicle can make a big difference in your future user experience.

You need to keep in mind several things before getting such a vehicle. We will help you decide with the following guidelines you must follow before getting a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Who is the vehicle for?

The first and the foremost thing, even before going out in the market, is who needs the wheelchair accessible vehicle, the requirement of the vehicle changes as per the user.

If the person driving the vehicle is a caregiver, he might need a vehicle with a rear entry door as he might come across users with different mobile devices and with a difference in size; generally, the back door entry is more prominent in length, and the ramp has more width which can be helpful.

On the other hand, if the vehicle is required a wheelchair driver. The better option is to get a vehicle with a side entry as it will help them get in the front easily.

Get the measurements 

The next step is to check the length, width, and height of the vehicle’s entry. If the vehicle is compatible with the mobile device’s size. As different types of wheelchairs have different dimensions. 

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The problem frequently faced by anyone who needs a vehicle is budget constraints. Everyone wants the best bang for their buck when investing in any item. 

There are multiple things that we need to take care of before investing it like:

  • The Price Levels- We need to understand three van/conversion possibilities in the wheelchair-accessible vehicle market.
  • A new van with a new conversion (Price range $45,000-$80,000)- In general, this is the most expensive option. One would have to pay the highest price for a new vehicle and has a new conversion.
  • A used van with new conversion (Price range $30,000-$50,000)- Many companies in the market buy a used vehicle with an old model at a low price that gives out low mileage and convert it for wheelchair use. With this type of vehicle, you can get a brand new conversion at a low cost.
  • A used van with a used conversion (Price Range $20,000-$30,000)- These are your option if you are very tight on budget as these have the lowest cost. AS the vehicles are being used and sold by the previous owner.

You can find this type of vehicles in your local dealerships and select the most cost-efficient option of all.

Buy, Rent, or lease

Buy- Before considering buying a new vehicle, you need to analyse your vehicle usage, like how often the vehicle will be used? How long do you need it for? It is imperative to consider these questions before buying a vehicle because these new vehicles can be hefty for your pocket. Suppose the answer to these questions is often for long-term use, respectively. It can be probably a good option for you to buy a new vehicle as they come with a good warranty and can be trusted to work without any issues in the long run.

BENEFITS- The usage is not limited. You can drive anywhere you want without worrying about the distance

There are a variety of vehicles for you to choose from according to your needs, price range, comfort and fuel economy.

To keep your finances in check, you can get many options when selecting the finances with the option that suits your pocket the best.

You can get a good price when you decide to sell the vehicle and no longer need it.

  • Rent- When renting a vehicle, most rentals are generally wheelchair accessible. Vehicles are vans, as they tend to provide the most comfort and space when using any wheelchair with different dimensions. Rentals are a good option when you need the vehicle for concise term use.


An excellent and cheap option for short-term use. It can be available at any time according to your time and need.

  • Lease- If you want to get a vehicle for a more extended period. Any rental allows and simultaneously wants to avoid the big down payment for a new vehicle. This might be the best option as the vehicles on lease have a lower down payment, and monthly payments are also less.

BENEFITS- Smaller down payments.

The leased vehicle can change every three years, offering the convenience of having all the latest safety tech.

Conversion will be under warranty while you have the vehicle.

We wish you understood all the guidelines before getting wheelchair accessible vehicles for future references.

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