Are you looking for good pair of tires? We have saved the best for you.

Are you a car or a bike person? Do you find it troublesome to hunt for good tires? We have picked out the best choice for you that has a good product quality history. 

Tires are boots for your car/bike. Choosing your boots that fit all off roads and clear roads is the same way you should find your tires. How good a tire is depends on how it is made and how long it can last. How good its performance and how much stretch it can give you while travelling. Michelin makes the highest mileage tires on the planet. The tire is made from a softer rubber compound, giving a nice ride, and yet somehow, the softer rubber compound wears slower than most other tire brands with more complex rubber compounds.

Their tires have carefully designed tread designs to give little to no road noise while still providing excellent traction. Michelin can take much more abuse not to rotate your tires and check your air pressure. If you abused a different brand the same way, it would wear out very prematurely. My friend’s family-owned tire shops growing up, and I have never heard anyone who knew what they were talking about not say that Michelin was the best brand by far. It’s usually not a close comparison in an expert’s mind.

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Michelin Automotive Tires

Why is Michelin said to be the best automotive tire?

Michelin is the best automotive tires because they work with great technology and produce quality products that makes them ahead of everyone else in the market. They are pioneers in radial tires and mould modern tires and continue to invest a massive sum of money every year to make better tires than everyone else. 

Why do people have so much trust in Michelin?

Michelin is one brand that brings the best performance tires that do not compromise on comfort, durability, and safety.

• Innovative new technologies are introduced to increase the quality of the tire they produce and enhance their life.

• In comparison to their competitors, their tires are more resistant

• No matter what the price range is, the quality remains constant.

• Tire come with the lowest defect rate

• It has the highest rating in the consumer survey. They are ranked as the best tires in the all-weather category and have the most extended tread life.

What are the characteristics of Michelin tires?

1. Longevity: Michelin all seasons like Pilot exalto a/s and summers like Pilot Sport 4 have higher longevity than the alternatives, without compromising performance or comfort. When regularly rotated, one can quickly get the advertised tread life.

2. Resistance to hydroplaning: wet traction with Michelin rubber is excellent. I have maybe once seen the traction control light blink while driving at 70mph + in heavy downpour and hail. It’s night vs day when compared to cheaper alternatives.

3. Maintains shape: Michelin tires did not require rebalancing when compared to cheaper alternatives. Once mounted and balanced, Michelins were almost zero maintenance over its tread life.

4. Comfort level: Michelin sidewalls were a bit softer, which lead to higher comfort levels, but this slightly reduced road feedback, especially when fitted onto a sports car like Evo x. It can also partially mitigate by inflating the tire a bit more.

Why is Michelin better than everyone else in the market?

  1. Zero imbalances(perfect run-out)O-bead system.
  2. They have higher mileage than most competitors.
  3.  They provide comfort, and noise levels are the lowest.
  4. Fuel efficiency(proven longer mileage on a full tank of fuel against any other brand.
  5. Shorter stopping distance.
  6. Better grip in wet and dry than most of its competitors.
  7. They were the first to introduce a mileage guarantee (up to 90000km on specific product ranges.

Overall “you can’t go wrong with Michelins”. They are a top-quality tire and sometimes a top-shelf price, but you would be fortunate if you get them on sale.

Also to note, when I see Michelins on a vehicle, I know the owner cares about the car and probably takes good care of everything. i.e. if you’re comparing used cars and one has Michelins, the vehicle with Michelins is perhaps in better overall shape than the car with tires of a brand you’ve never heard of in your life.

“The only point of contact you have to the road are your tires. If you want to improve or ruin something immediately dramatically, then choosing the right tire is vital.”

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