Lamborghini is Bringing Countach Back to Life

Almost sixteen years ago, a car from Italy gave the bull of Lamborghini a unique identity and differed it from its competitors with its unique design. The car was designed by a master craftsman(as he was no less than an artist), Marcello Gandini, and was named Countach.

Compared to others after it, like Diablo, it didn’t have as much power or drive quality. But, it had the beauty to turn every head and command the attention of everyone around it. The car had the looks of a car from a distant future. The design and the name became such a Legend that its makers never carried forward its legacy in the fear that the next might not get to the level of the Countach.

Return of the Legend- Countach

Recently, Lamborghini has decided to bring back the Legend. In a recent teaser by Lamborghini, you can see a misty image of a car shaped like the Countach. Rumors are that this new model’s name will be Lamborghini Countach LP800-4, with the mechanics similar to that of an Aventador and producing a baffling 789hp. According to the rumours, the price will be around three and a half million dollars.

The roofline isn’t close to as low or level as the first, which is likely not even conceivable given current security prerequisites. In any case, the long tail, with its sensational cut back towards the back tires, implies this could be nothing but a Countach.


However unquestionable. Consider how the new Alpine A110 remixes the energy of the first vehicle; it very well may be nothing else, yet it’s no subjugated duplicate. The far away shot of the car on a level region of soil uncovers little aside from a rakish windshield that additionally copies, however, doesn’t duplicate the first.

With the new model and teaser, several questions parallelly came our way. Like, is it going to have pop-up headlights? Is it going to be an electric car or one of those loud engines? Along with many others.

The makers will answer all these questions soon enough. Until then, we must be patient and wait for any official announcements from the makers.

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