BMW released the spy shots of BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe and Confirmed M240i

BMW is all set to add a new member to the range of people’s favorite BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, with the new BMW M240i; the news came in after BMW released a bunch of spy shots and teased the presence of the car. The chances for the car will go in production by the end of summer in 2021 and might be released sooner than we expect.

Exterior of BMW M240i

The spy shots, when leaked, are generally very shady images taken from a faraway place. This makes the cars hardly visible, let alone the images giving an idea of the details. But this time, BMW has officially released the spy shots for testing the dynamics and driving of the car at Nurburgring’s Nordschleife.

Although the car is a perfectly camouflaged prototype in the photos but a very close look. Hence pushing our imaginations further the car has very different looks than the BMW four-door 2 series coupe already in production and market.

The photos also suggest that, unlike its predecessor, this model seems to be a bit taller with a lengthy bonnet. Probably create a good packing space for a more powerful and bigger six-cylinder engine. 

Some of the unofficial spy shots from the roads of Munich bring a piece of good news for BMW lovers. Therefore, the car community suggests that the grille in the M240i is not as polarizing as the other newer models like the X7, the two-door four series. The design on the new model seems to be very sleek, converging at the rear end with small LED taillights( this appears to be the case with all the camouflage). The prototype also shows a dual exit exhaust setup which can be replaced by chrome effect pieces on the lower trims of the model.

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Power source and Tech of BMW M240i

When talking about the source of power for the M240i, evidence suggests that there are a whole series of engines that can be accommodated by the model ranging from smaller three-cylinder petrol engines to a bit faster four-cylinder engine with diesel options.

But the best options for the 2 series M240i coupe will be a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine giving out 374 horsepower (there is no data on the torque). The available information suggests that this engine will be combined with an 8-speed automatic gearbox and all-wheel-drive system.

There will be legitimate back drive variations in more uplifting news for fans of customary front-motor sports cars. BMW will dispatch the rear-drive 230i close by the M240i xDrive, and later on, the 230i xDrive and the back drive M240i will appear.

BMW is making sure that there is nothing left to hold the model down to give a good driving experience. It has revised suspension hardware to increase the feel and accuracy along with the calibration and various bushings.

Interior of BMW M240i

Though there have been no photos giving away the interior of the car, the chances are that the car will have more interior space. As can be guessed by the increased dimensions but obviously, since it’s a two-door car, there won’t be much room for the back seat or headspace. 

Looking at the earlier model of the series, it won’t be entirely wrong to guess that the car will be getting a neat dashboard with features like a Drive screen(having most of the controls along with some buttons for other controls) combined with other modern features like a voice-activated personal assistant and the latest autonomous driving features and LED ambient lighting to beautify the interior.

Though there is confirmation on the production (it will start by the end of the summer). There has been no information about the launch and sales in the US market. Yet the price is supposed to increase compared to the older models.

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