Are you looking for good pair of tires? We have saved the best for you.

It’s always hard to choose between different tires. What to choose, What will long last, What won’t lose its grip? There are millions of people wheeling with local tires but, do you want to be one of them or someone who wants to take care of their car/bike with some good pair of tires. Let’s learn which one will suit you the best.

Are you planning to travel? Don’t forget to go through the U.S. Covid 19 travel restrictions State by State Guide for May 2021.

Are you planning to travel around the U.S.? Some new Covid 19 guidelines by states of the U.S. for the travelers just came up for May 2021. We have picked up all the necessary information for you; go through them and get packed and travel.


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The Best 7 Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix for all-time

Science-fiction movies are loved by many. These movies present society’s and life’s dim prospects. Since last year, Netflix has upgraded a lot of sci-fi movies for all time. It has Netflix originals and 21st-century indie movies, and the list is never-ending.

Amazon In Talks For Buying MGM Studio For $9 Billion

Amazon has recently started to take over the entertainment area too. It is considering purchasing Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, a James Bond movie company, and increase its capitalist girth. Amazon is bidding for MGM for $9 billion. It is not a shock that Amazon is trying to buy MGM for $9 because recently, Amazon had spent $11 billion on Amazon Prime Video. SO, $9 billion is a small amount if compared. Currently, Amazon Prime Video has more than 200 million members globally. So, clearly buying MGM will be a profitable deal for Amazon

Benny Loves You Review – An Adorable Yet Horror-Comedy Film

Adorable and horror in the same line- exists? Shocked? Well, this movie is a perfect package for those who are seeking some comedy, action and horror in the same film.…

Warner Bros Introduces Superman in Black Avatar

Talks of the new Superman man movie with a black superman in it are prevalent. After Warner Bros assured the possibility of the movie with J.J. Abrams and Hannah Minghle as the producers and Te-Nehisi Coates penning the movie.