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It is a product that is available for commuters who are not a cardholder of co-branded cards for those who do not have elite status.

The price of priority boarding starts from $15 and varies on different flight schedules. Commuters who are having priority boarding can join the 2-boarding group so they can leap the lanes at the gate and can board the plane early throughout the complete boarding process.

However, according to United Airlines, buying United priority boarding allows lower boarding to get priority bag space on the overhead bins as long as it becomes full on time by groups 3 to 5 on the plane. Also, many critics say that it is a kind of marketing strategy to charge extra to commuters for carry-on baggage.

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What is Premium access for United Priority boarding?

Premium access carries all the benefits of United priority boarding, but foremost of that, you will receive priority services on security lanes and check-in lanes at the airport. It means you will get the expected experience from the time you arrive at the airport up till you board the airport.

Price starts from, and commuters who purchase premium access can also join boarding United boarding group 2. Make sure that some of the fare classes, like United premium plus, will already have the benefits of Premium access, as well as the policies are a bit similar.

However, the difference between United Priority Boarding and Premium Access is that

United priority boarding and premium access are compliments that you can buy on the first of your fares. These two allow commuters to board the flight forwards of others.

What is United Priority Boarding process?

In comparison to other Airlines, United Priority boarding also has its own process for a specific group of commuters, for those individuals with premium fares besides others. United Priority Boarding could be confusing, mainly when there are subgroups and multiple groups.

United Priority Boarding process

However, monitoring other lower groups separate from the elite level and preboarding is hard. In this blog, we will get to know about the different groups and exceptions during the boarding process. According to United Airlines, there are 6 types of Boarding groups:

  1. Pre-boarding group and
  2. 1 to 5 boarding group

Here’s the boarding procedure Flyers should be aware of:

  • The pre-boarding group is the first to board the planes, going after others lined up at the gate in two different lanes (green and blue).
  • Also, it is a simple process in compared to boarding lanes previously, which has multiple routes for every boarding group.
  • 1 and 2 boarding groups will line first. Group 1 will be on the blue lane, and group 2 will be on the green lane.
  • Late passengers from groups 1 and 2 will still go from the blue lane. After the two boarded groups, staff will call 3 to 5 groups on the green lane.
  • Boarding groups depend upon the elite status and fare class you have. However, the necessity for preboarding groups is a different instance.

How to buy United Airlines priority boarding?

You can buy your united priority boarding at either the time of reservation or whenever you want to purchase.

buy United Airlines priority boarding

For online purchasing, you can visit the official website or by mobile application. However, if you want any help, contact +1-805-258-0167.

Terms and conditions for United Airlines priority boarding

  • Priority boarding only offers flights that can run by United Express and United and are subject to availability.
  •  Customers who are commuting on the basic economy cannot be eligible to purchase priority boarding.
  • In order to receive benefits, your boarding pass must display “Priority Boarding.”
  • Also, If you are purchasing a boarding pass for many people from your reservation. Priority boarding must buy for every individual commuter in order to receive benefits for them.
  • Priority boarding does not exempt commuters from check-in time restraints.
  • In case of any Spontaneous schedule changes or cancellations of flights, we will shift the priority boarding to the current itinerary.
  • Priority boarding for canceled flights, if requested earlier, in which Priority boarding had transferred.
  • However, only the purchased flight is applicable to enjoy the benefits of Priority Boarding.
  • Also, this offer will terminate or change at any time without informing the customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about

Can I be eligible to purchase Priority Boarding if I’m traveling from Basic Economy?

No, you are not eligible to purchase Priority Boarding if you are traveling from a Basic Economy.

Where is United Priority Boarding available?

It will be available for United Express and United based on availability.

How to apply for a refund on Priority Boarding?

Generally, purchases of Priority Boarding are non-refundable. However, in the situation of flight cancellation, you can request a refund from

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