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Spirit airlines baggage fees are among the most reasonable baggage fees for leading airlines. The airline excels in providing quality service at a minimal price. Spirit airlines have certain charges for base fare passengers. The charges vary on the basis of the size and weight of the baggage.

However, the airline allows one personal item to carry on for base fare passengers. The prices also vary for baggage check-in at different times. For instance, baggage charges are less when you pay for them at the time of booking. The prices keep on increasing as you delay paying for them.

There are many rules and regulations that are important for passengers to understand regarding spirit airlines baggage fees.

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Main Highlights of Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees 2022

  • Passengers traveling on base fare are allowed to carry one personal item.
  • A personal item can be a small purse or a backpack. It should fit in the space allotted for this personal item in the cabin.
  • There are certain relaxations for the weight and size of some types of baggage. Sports and music equipment are not subject to extra charges in case of exceeding the weight or size limit.
  • Baggage exceeding the weight and size limit is liable to pay an extra fee with the baggage charge.
  • The rules and regulations also vary for different locations as per the latest guidelines in Spirit airlines baggage fees.
  • The airline has set some relaxations for passengers traveling with an infant. Breast pumps and some other essential items necessary for an infant are also not applicable for any baggage fees for Spirit airlines.


What is the Spirit Airline Overweight Baggage Fee?

Spirit Airline Overweight Baggage Fee
  • The airline has applicable extra charges on the baggage fee in case of exceeding the weight limit.
  • The extra charges are applicable for every bag which exceeds the weight limit.
  • These charges are an add-on to the existing baggage fee. 
51-70 pounds+$30
71-100 pounds+$55
More than 62 linear inches+$100-$150

Note: The above prices on display are the standard amount as per the policy. These prices may vary for different locations.

What are the Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees For 2022?

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees For 2022
  • It is best to pay for the baggage at the time of booking.
  • $9 or Spirit Saver$ club members have less baggage fee than regular customers.
  • The baggage fee keeps on increasing after the first bag for the rest numbers of the baggage (if any).
  • Baggage Fee as Per the Timing
Time of Booking$28 and $37
At Check-in$36 and $45
Gate or Airport Desk$55 and $65
  • Baggage Fee for $9 or Spirit Saver$ Club Members
Time of Booking$26 and $31
At Check-in$36 and $41
  • Baggage Fee After 1st Bag
2nd Baggage$33 to $42
3rd Baggage$78 to $87

Note: The charges at display are subject to change without due notification to the customers as per the spirit airlines baggage fees guidelines.

How do I Avoid Paying Baggage Fees on Spirit Airlines?

There are some ways that can help to avoid spirit airlines baggage fees.

  • If you are a frequent traveler with Spirit Airlines, then you may also join the $9 or Spirit Save$ club to pay the minimal baggage fee.
  • Make sure that you pay for the baggage as early as possible. Paying at the same time while booking will ensure the least baggage fee.
  • If possible, only carry a personal item as there is no fee for it.
  • Moreover, there are many third-party cards available that can be in application to get discounts on baggage fees.
  • Military officials must also get their ID card for verification, as Spirit Airlines allows two free baggage for military officers.

Disclaimer: The information on display may vary and is subject to change without any prior notice to the customers. For more information, check the official website.


Is there any charge on personal items when traveling with Spirit Airlines?

There is no extra charge for personal items when flying with Spirit Airlines. Moreover, passengers can carry one personal item on the flight with them. This item can also be a backpack or a small purse.

How many free bags can a military official carry-on Spirit Airlines?

A military official may carry a personal item along with free check-in for two pieces of baggage. However, it is also necessary to carry a military ID for verification purposes. Such service and relaxation are only available for on-duty military officials.

Is there any refund on the baggage fee of Spirit Airlines?

There is no applicable refund for baggage fees as per the spirit airlines baggage fees guidelines. Moreover, once the baggage is checked-in, there is no refund of the baggage fee under any circumstances.

Is it possible to pay for the baggage after the booking?

It is possible to add baggage after the completion of the booking. However, it is also better to pay for the baggage at the time of booking to save on the extra applicable fee.

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