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The Southwest missed flight policies ensure that no passenger is unable to reach their destination due to unavoidable circumstances. The Airline has set some protocols for travelers who miss their flight due to various reasons. As soon as you report(within 2 hours after the departure of the flight) the issue to the authorities, they will make sure that you get on board for your destination as soon as possible. Travelers should not worry about missing their flight with Southwest Airlines. However, passengers are advised to avoid missing their flight for casual reasons. The Airline only assists individuals who missed their flight due to unavoidable circumstances as per the Southwest missed flight policy.

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Immediate Things To Do if You Missed Your Southwest Flight

There are some measures passengers can take if they are sure about missing their flight due to severe reasons. If the travelers are able to inform the authorities in due time, they might get a refund or further assistance.

Inform The Authorities

  • Notify the authorities if you missed your flight or you are sure about missing it.
  • The Airline will assist your plea if it has a valid reason.
  • Taking this step might help you in getting a refund for the unused portion of your ticket value.
  • The Airline can also give you an option of travel points which can be used for future ticket bookings.

Request For Time

  • Inform the authorities about your status and state a valid reason for the delay.
  • The Airline might consider your case and will allow you to board the flight.
  • Consider doing this process only if you are a few minutes late for the flight.

Book Another Flight

  • Try booking another flight after informing your status to the Airlines.
  • Southwest Airlines might help you to book another ticket at a relaxed price.
  • Moreover, the airline will assist you with a hotel booking if there are no flights available.

What is The Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

missed flight southwest
  • If you missed your flight due to various circumstances, inform customer service immediately and request assistance.
  • The Airline will only entertain your plea if it approves due to a valid reason as per the Airline’s policy.
  • To avoid the no-show fee inform the authorities prior to the scheduled departure of your flight.
  • In case you inform the authorities after the scheduled departure, then you may be liable to pay a no-show fee.
  • You won’t be able to book another flight with the airline if you don’t pay the applicable no-show fee.
  • Southwest Airlines will help you in booking another flight with no extra charge if your case has a valid reason.
  • A refund is applicable if a passenger doesn’t want to travel on the same day after missing their flight. This is only applicable if you inform the authorities as per the Southwest missed flight policy.
  • If you booked a non-refundable ticket with the airline, then you may not get any refund for missing your flight.
  • Non-refundable tickets are applicable for a penalty in case of a missed flight issue. The penalty amount is between $75-$400 for non-refundable tickets.


How to Reschedule Booking After A Missed Flight With Southwest Airlines?

how to reschedule flight

The process of rescheduling a booking after a missed flight(if applicable) is quite simple to comply with. There are mainly two methods through which it can be done.

Reschedule Southwest Missed Flight: Online

  • Log into your booking account and check the availability for the rescheduled missed flight.
  • Then go to the ‘Manage My Trip’ bar and select the disrupt or a delayed section.
  • Fill in the date for your booking and enter the last name of the passenger.
  • Check for the next availability of the applicable flight and fill in the required information to confirm the booking.
  • There is no charge applicable for the approved passengers for rebooking.

Reschedule Southwest Missed Flight: Via Phone

Travelers with an approved status of rescheduled booking can call customer service for Southwest Airlines to complete the process.

Contact Information: 1-800-435-9792

Note: The rules and regulations mentioned above are subject to change without any prior notice to the customer as per Southwest Airlines’ policy. For the latest update, you may check the official website of Southwest Airlines at


Does Southwest Airlines provide any refund for missed flights?

The Airline assists passengers if they miss their flight for applicable reasons. However, in certain cases, Southwest Airlines might give a refund only if you inform the authorities before the scheduled departure.

What are the valid reasons for getting a no-cost rebooking after missing a flight?

There is no particular set of valid reasons published by the airline. It is up to the authorities to approve your plea as valid or not. If your reason is applicable, then you might get further relaxation and assistance from the airline for future bookings.

If my first flight gets late, will the connecting flight wait for me?

No, connecting flights do not wait for you in case of a delay in the arrival of your first flight. In cases where the first and the connecting flight are in operation by the same airline, compensation is applicable. If both flights are operated by Southwest Airlines, then you may go through the official website.

What happens if you miss your flight southwest?

In case of missed flight southwest, the airline will assist you on the basis of your reason for missing the flight. The authorities will decide your status for rebooking on the basis of the Southwest missed flight policy.

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